…and finally…day 7!

Okay…so I might have gone a bit overboard. Un poco. Maybe. 😉 But when someone whispers “co-op” and “half-priced yarn” in the same sentence, what’s a girl to do? Especially a girl with guilt free $$ burning a hole in her pocket!

Here’s what I still had from the last co-op:

peace fleece I already had

And with all the new stuff too:

All the peace fleece

Some close-ups of the new stuff:

PF - speplova mushroom PF - patience blue & baltic blue PF - fathers gray, baku black & ancient fern PF - (2) Hemlock, shaba green

The boys posing with the old stuff:
boys posing with peace fleece

I won’t comment on how the boys’ night was last night. Lets just say I’m counting the hours until Tim comes home…in 2 MORE days.

I’m dreaming of striped sweaters & loooonggg stocking caps for my boys.  Do you think I have enough selection?  lol


One thought on “…and finally…day 7!

  1. 3 little boys – gosh they are cute, but they make me tired just looking at them:) Looks like they have a trick or two up their sleeves! The yarn is awesome too:)

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