Only 1 day left.

Less than one day, really.  Maybe 22 hours?  Then I will be free.  Hallelujah!  lol  Every night has been a little better (erm, only in the “I got 20 minutes more sleep than the night before” kinda way), but tonight is really looking up.  I’ve been out here for almost 1/2 an hour…with 3 sleeping children in another room.  And there was only one tiny meltdown at bedtime…by me.

What are the chances the boys tell Papa that Mama went crazy while he was gone?  And if they do tell, do you think I’ll get sympathy points?  😉

Seriously though, thanks for “listening” this week, ya’ll.  And thanks for letting me brag about my new yarn; it was a fun shopping spree; and my dh makes a terrible audience.


One thought on “Only 1 day left.

  1. (((((((((hugs)))))))))) I’d be a total wreck and mess by now. They would have hauled me away and given the kids to someone else! Not long now! 🙂

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