In the home stretch!

I have exactly 15 inches of belt to finish knitting, and then the Starsky sweater will be finished!! Other than the seaming… lol As long as Spencer sleeps as wonderfully as he did last night I’ll be doing it tonight — or at least making my first attempt! Cross your fingers for me, I’m pathetically afraid…

On the “avoid finishing the sweater so you don’t have to seam yet” front, I cast on for my sister’s Mingus socks. Well, first I had to wind it up…weeeee!

Mingus 1

This is Dreams in Smooshy in “Blue Lagoon” (in case you forgot!)…it is so, so gorgeous. My sister has excellent taste.

Mingus 2

I think I said it before, but I wanted to thank ya’ll again for all the well wishes last week; I cannot believe what a crazy week it was; it was probably the worst “dh on a business trip” week we’ve ever had! Can I say “week” again? Week. Week. Now it looks funny.

Thankfully, things have settled down now, and we had a nice, laid back Easter & weekend. Here are a few egg hunt pics… take a good look at the first one; it’s more common to see Aiden with a scowl, lately.
Aiden Easter 08

Ian & Spencer are more cheery, generally, although Spencer gets ticked off pretty quick if you don’t hand over the expensive electronics:
Ian Easter 08 Spencer Easter 08

We’ve started letting the boys play more video/computer games, which is both fun & incredibly irritating. Fighting over turns grates on my nerves, but the demands for Momma to do any and all “hard parts” for them is even more annoying. Because sure enough, when I do help I end up getting sucked in & playing until I realize Spencer is screeching at me & trying to grab the mouse/controller… I suppose that makes it my fault, huh? You try it, though. These maze games are fun; I had to stop myself from playing that sliding colored blocks game over & over to get a faster time/higher score (I hit the 20,000+ range, thanks for asking).

Found Links

On the parenting front, I was forwarded an interesting link with a bunch of child development info.  Some right on, some “eehh,” and some good ones to think about.  It’s always nice to get a reality check when you start thinking your kids should be able to do xx on their own, you know?

The subject of “best first sock pattern” seems to be coming up a lot lately, so I thought I’d post (another?) link to the Silver’s Sock Class. She has very clear & concise instructions & wonderful pictures.

And finally, another knitting book. I know; I’m going to have a real knitting library if I keep this up! This one isn’t out until June, though; and I’ll probably visit it a few times at the bookstore first, but I’ll be surprised if I’m not impressed. It’s by Michelle Rose Orne, whose Cobweb Lace Stole (also one of the patterns in the soon-to-be-released book) was in this Spring’s Interweave Knits.

I have to admit I wasn’t all that in love with most of the Spring collection (other than Chrissy Gardiner’s excellent Tulip Socks), but I think it’s more that Spring colors aren’t really my thing, so I’m not drawn to the projects as much as I could be.

Oh darn; it’s too late to start seaming now…guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow night!  lol  Maybe if I manage to finish the sweater nicely I’ll gather up the courage to start that Great American Aran blanket before next year…or maybe not.  😉


2 thoughts on “In the home stretch!

  1. Mmm Yumm Smooshy! Will be lovely socks! And don’t get me started on kids. Grandma visited last week and the kids have been out of control. Missed the bus twice this week, made it today, but without breakfast. Stubborn arguments until I just LOST it……happens to us all. And suddenly they were angels. Hmmmmm Makes ya wonder. Have a great week and congrats on almost being done with Starsky, what a great accomplishment!

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