Talk me down, people!!

I blame Ravelry…their infernal advertisements of gorgeous indie yarn dyers…  Wouldn’t a small, 3 month membership to Zenstring’s semi-solids club be wonderful?  Semi-solids, I tell you — so no whining about pooling obscuring the pattern!  What’s a girl to do?  Especially a girl who has the money (if she borrows against her next week “fun money” budget!).

*sigh* I feel myself weakening already… 😉  Or maybe I could make a solemn deal with myself to force some sewing time?  A dozen diapers/covers sewn and then I can have it?  Hmmmm…which stage is “bargaining?”

Oh, and the kids?  They did wonderfully.  *sniff*


5 thoughts on “Talk me down, people!!

  1. Ohhhh you are trouble girl! Now you’ve got me thinking about joining, looks great… I dont’ have enough sock yarn to last me a VERY lonnnnng time. So I will pass this time, but if you consider it again, let me know, I may be tempted.

    And congrats on the kids doing great at their sleepover!

  2. Oh gosh, I don’t think talking people off a ledge from buying yarn is in my wheelhouse – but hey, good luck with that;) Meanwhile, I think I may just mosey over to Zenstring and see what it is you’re talking about – you know – just to be sure I understand…

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