MIL love & FO’s

Well, I cannot seem to gather my thoughts tonight (I wonder if the 2 glasses of wine in quick succession had anything to do with that?), so I’m just going to blurt out whatever.ย  I have a bunch of pics to show you of our (mostly) wonderful Sunday.ย 

Every week we go to my MIL’s place.ย  This is a good thing; I have one of those great MIL’s who are great at boundaries, loves her grandkids but always asks for our ok before giving or presuming anything, & knows the perfect thing to say when you give her a handmade gift.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

It was a bit cold out this weekend, but we still ran about outside.ย  The boys had a blast:

She and her SO (significant other)ย made this sandbox for the boys a few months after we moved back into the area.

And last summer we (but mostly she & her SO) built this playhouse. Yes, she did landscape it as well, and add a birdhouse (the woman is mad for birdhouses — she must have a dozen).

This qualifies her for sainthood. She let us bring the “powerwheels” truck that her EX-dh showed up with one day. Ugh. I have some sort of irrational hatred of these things; but I’m wasn’t enough of an ogre to take it away from them altogether. It’s much less irritating in her huge/outside of town/far back off the road yard.

The boys also had a great time just playing. Spence was crazy about the (very mellow) kitty cat.

014 016 018 040

Aiden was encouraged to make “acorn soup” with my MIL, who then pretended to eat said soup. Of course Aiden wanted to eat it, too…he just missed the “pretend” part!

029 030

No worries; after a quick drinkย he was better, andย soon after he was “lucky” enough to discover a turkey feather…

050 035

Ian played catch with Grandpa & is getting quite good at it. ๐Ÿ™‚ What a ham.

055 065

Gee, this turned into a MIL love fest, huh? I guess I know what to title it, then. I can’t forget pics of 2 of my FO’s, though! This is a knitting blog, afterall, so without further ado:


Mismatched-use-up-leftovers socks. These were toe-up, 68 stitch, afterthought heel socks on a size 1 1/2 knitpicks 32 inch circ. done 1 at a time. I have about 1 yard of Interlacements Tiny Toes left, so I think my mission was accomplished. The brown/sienna yarn is Opal cotton, which is (surprisingly enough) not irritatingly different feeling. Whew. It is a slightly thinner yarn, but it’s wearing evenly enough with the Tiny Toes yarn. I am so happy to have some handknit socks to wear again. They’re ridiculously baggy, and I haven’t woven in the ends from the flower embroidery (or even finished what I planned to do), but I don’t care. I love them & they are great with my birks. ๐Ÿ™‚

And then there’s the 2 1/2 day sweater:


This is the sweater I attempted to knit in time for Spencer to wear to visit the Harlot. I almost finished it, too…of course it fits Aiden (I think, all I managed was a quick pop over the head before he yelled at me), but hey, babies grow, right? Anyway, I’m excited to use up some of the yarn I received in a mboy (magic ball of yarn) swap. It’s Bernat baby cotton and very soft. I think the colors are nice, too, although my dh deemed it a “girly blue.” I do my best to ignore him, though… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well. I’ve successfully avoided another evening of potential productivity… let me leave you with some random found links. First off, Interweave Knits’ Summer magazine has it’s online preview out. I’m not in love, but I’m finding that a lot of the IK patterns grow on me; especially after seeing them in the “fitting galleries” that Knitting Daily does now.

You still have time to join Sock Wars. The guage is 8 sts/inch, so I’m going to swatch out in tofutsies (the sponsored yarn – if you win SW & used tofutsies for your original pair of socks you win 60 balls of the stuff) and decide if I’m happy enough with the resulting fabric to participate.

Last is the “makes my blood boil” link. Times magazine posted an article entitled “Choosy Mothers Choose Ceasareans.” Really? There are so many incompetent assumptions & so much outdated information in that article I want to…well, rant! Ugh, I won’t, though — then I’ll need another glass of wine! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We can’t end on a bad note, so; gratuitous baby pics are necessary, right?

059 064

These are the pics I need to look at after I crawl out of bed weeping from a night without sleep…


Essentials first!

Do you make lists?ย  I do sometimes;ย  especially when it’s prep for a big visit/event.ย  I went to my sister’s house this weekend to help with the sewing of bridesmaid dresses (my Mom’s getting married in 2 weeks!!ย  Go MOM!).ย  Of course I needed all the essentials…

ย list

You know…just a few knitting projects to keep me busy during any downtime I might have had…

Unfortunately, I didn’t get much done over the weekend, but I still plan to have 4 FOs to show you soon!!ย  The up-side to knitting a bunch of things at once, I guess.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

It doesn’t get any sweeter…

than sweet sleeping babies…

sleeping cherub

…except when they stop nursing before bed for a quick game of peek-a-boo. What a precious baby! He’s learning to communicate more every day — today he taught me a lesson in consistency. As I was telling him “no bite nursies” he looked pointedly at me trying to nibble his overly long nails off his fingers then very obviously & gently set his teeth on the “nursie” in question. Point taken; from now on I’ll use a nail file!

Aside from my children all having some sort of painful thing happen to them (#1 puking, #2 bloody nose, & #3 doing his first headstand — after sliding headfirst down 4 carpeted stairs & bouncing on said head), it was a pretty nice day. I was able to sneak out to the new LYS in my area & knit for an hour (thanks again, Jess!) and check out the selection — which is beyond wonderful! She has a great selection of yarns for all budgets (although I was mysteriously drawn to the expensive stuff over & over… lol), and is very friendly. I don’t think she has a web presence (yet) but if you’re in the area, she’s the Apple Valley Yarn Store in Freeland, MI. She’s in the plaza with the Strawberry Dip bakery where the bead shop used to be. The grand opening event is next Saturday, April 26th.

When I returned home, it was to find that my first month’s installment of the Zen Yarn Garden’s semi-solid sock club yarn had arrived! This is a lousy picture, but bear with me; it was my first time getting to take a pic, upload it & now blog about it all from the comfort of my couch! I’m really likin’ this laptop thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

zen yarn garden

The color is called “rambling rose.” It’s so pretty & “squooshy” just as it claims on the label! I’m really going to enjoy playing with this. ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news, I made the Yarn Harlot‘s page! Well, to be honest, Spencer made the page, I was just the baby-holder. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was really a great night — I’ve already read her wonderful book. It was entertaining, as always! I’ll have to round out my collection with the 2 books of hers that I don’t have.

I’m off to bed soon, but I have a couple random found links:

Opal is coming out with Harry Potter sock yarn colors!

I swear I wasn’t looking for it, but I stumbled upon what looks to be a pretty budget friendly hand-dyer on ebay that I’m trying not to look closely at (my pocketbook is feeling a tad bit light this month…).

My visit with the Harlot

Well, that title should get some interesting google traffic… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is just as down to earth and friendly IRL as she is on her blog.

I was still star-struck.

I was sure she was sick & tired of talking to people who gushed over how wonderful she was, and was mortified at the thought of being annoying (especially since I was the very. last. person. in line!). In reality, she was probably just exhausted, and most likely had a wicked sore hand from all the book signing, since it was 10:30 at night. She was very sweet & patient with Spencer, but the lil goober still wouldn’t smile for her — none of my babies have ever smiled on cue…it’s very inconvenient! lol I didn’t say much to her; I was too busy telling myself not to prattle on & be annoying. Instead I just stared…and then asked her to have a picture taken…while she was in the middle of signing my book *smacks forehead.* She was very gracious, though. As was the lady who took the picture with her camera & said she’d email it to me (Spencer was less than gracious & pitched my camera full force at the floor while I had the audacity to look away for a millisecond when we were in line).

So next time I think I’ll rehearse my story aloud in front of a mirror… I had a good one, too! I thought all week about knitting something new for Spencer to wear (because she would totally know if he was wearing old knitted garments *rollseyes*), but didn’t decide to do it until Wednesday. Night. Yea, no possibility of failure, there… If he hadn’t had an icky “wake up every 20 minutes” night last night I totally would have finished, but I had to give up and just go to sleep with him, so I missed out on a good hour or two of knitting time. I actually had his sweater almost finished when my turn came — 1/2 the stitches were bound off & everything.

Oh well; the thing turned out so big he can just wear it next year if she visits again. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll post a pic if & when my camera is back up & running. Although I may just use this as an excuse to bully dh into getting a new camera (thanks George W. …that check will come in handy; although I still don’t like you!). Our camera is seriously old. Like 5 and a half years old. I recall paying extra to make sure we got the 3.0 mega pixel camera. Yea — I know you just looked at yours & then laughed. Anyway.

Maybe 2 of the ladies I chatted with (okay, I “chatted” their ears off, I think!) in line, Amanda & Amelie, will have more pics. I recognized both of them from their ravelry projects/avatars — they’re local-ish to me. Very cool.

All in all; it was a great night. I had a few surreal moments when I wanted to jump up & run across the rows of knitters & pet all the yarn while naming it — “oohh, look at that Noro; beautiful trekking xxl; sugar & cream is always a nice, hardy cotton, huh.” And the spinning…ohhhh….there were two ladies drop spinning. I doubt I’m going to be able to avoid learning for much longer; I might hold out ’til Christmas, but not much longer! Spencer was great while we were there, & charmed everyone around us. He wasn’t so happy about the car ride; although he’s certainly had worse car rides, so I guess we did okay. If only the child would learn to get upset *before* we pass the expressway exits, instead of immediately after. Still; in another 6 months I’ll be able to bribe him with movies in the car (wow; I can’t believe I just admitted to actually planning that).



JoAnn's flannel for me!

Double oops!

JoAnn's girl flannel

Triple oops!

JoAnn's fleece

I know, I know; I’ve commented — numerous times — that I have too much fabric going to waste since I became obsessed enamored with knitting. But lookie lookie what I’ve already done:

pretty diapers!!!

I was a busy girl! These have had snaps applied & are probably already in use (assuming my sister got over the “I cannot possibly allow my baby to soil these gorgeous diapers” stage). She cracked me up when I taught her to use the serger & she used the scraps to make baby wipes — in the same shapes as the scraps so she wouldn’t waste a single square inch of fabric! I have to give her credit for finding these prints, though — I completely missed them on my trip earlier in the week (which is where the first pile of flannel came from; snuggle flannel was on sale $2/yard at JoAnn’s).

To prove I wasn’t wasting $$ on fabric buying, I’ve spent some time sewing other dipes as well:

random dipes

I’m not nearly as pleased with them, though. There are several cosmetic flaws, although they’re usable, so my sister is happy.

Which sister, you ask? Why, this one!

starsky 10 starsky 9

No, it isn’t finished, I still need to weave in ends & seam the other arm/side. The one side is perfect, though! I’m so excited! I have to say that seaming is both easier & a WHOLE LOT more time consuming than I expected. I am something of a perfectionist, though…still, I’ll not be forsaking my circular needles again anytime soon.

Well, I’m off to the sewing machine; I have diapers & covers, blankets (both grown up & baby), napkins, mama pads, & “family cloth” to create. And maybe some of those baby things will find their way to Etsy! Yes, I’m that happy with them! ๐Ÿ™‚

PS….You all suck at “talking me down;” I’m the happy owner of a 3 month subscription to the ZenYarnGarden‘s semi-solid sock yarn club! Ahem…thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

PPS…I totally forgot! I’m going to see the Yarn Harlot on Friday!! Woot! Ya’ll may not be successful in talking me out of yarn, but maybe you could send some prayerful petitions for a “happy in the truck for 2 hours” (each way!) baby? Thanks…you rock!