JoAnn's flannel for me!

Double oops!

JoAnn's girl flannel

Triple oops!

JoAnn's fleece

I know, I know; I’ve commented — numerous times — that I have too much fabric going to waste since I became obsessed enamored with knitting. But lookie lookie what I’ve already done:

pretty diapers!!!

I was a busy girl! These have had snaps applied & are probably already in use (assuming my sister got over the “I cannot possibly allow my baby to soil these gorgeous diapers” stage). She cracked me up when I taught her to use the serger & she used the scraps to make baby wipes — in the same shapes as the scraps so she wouldn’t waste a single square inch of fabric! I have to give her credit for finding these prints, though — I completely missed them on my trip earlier in the week (which is where the first pile of flannel came from; snuggle flannel was on sale $2/yard at JoAnn’s).

To prove I wasn’t wasting $$ on fabric buying, I’ve spent some time sewing other dipes as well:

random dipes

I’m not nearly as pleased with them, though. There are several cosmetic flaws, although they’re usable, so my sister is happy.

Which sister, you ask? Why, this one!

starsky 10 starsky 9

No, it isn’t finished, I still need to weave in ends & seam the other arm/side. The one side is perfect, though! I’m so excited! I have to say that seaming is both easier & a WHOLE LOT more time consuming than I expected. I am something of a perfectionist, though…still, I’ll not be forsaking my circular needles again anytime soon.

Well, I’m off to the sewing machine; I have diapers & covers, blankets (both grown up & baby), napkins, mama pads, & “family cloth” to create. And maybe some of those baby things will find their way to Etsy! Yes, I’m that happy with them! šŸ™‚

PS….You all suck at “talking me down;” I’m the happy owner of a 3 month subscription to the ZenYarnGarden‘s semi-solid sock yarn club! Ahem…thanks! šŸ˜‰

PPS…I totally forgot! I’m going to see the Yarn Harlot on Friday!! Woot! Ya’ll may not be successful in talking me out of yarn, but maybe you could send some prayerful petitions for a “happy in the truck for 2 hours” (each way!) baby? Thanks…you rock!


7 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. It’s almost there. Sounds like you and your sister had fun this weekend. I need to break out my serger and get my flannel pants done.

  2. Ooooh Aaaahhh Oooohhh Ahhhh and again ooohh ahhh
    gorgeous fabric and diapers. What lucky babies, I hope she takes lots of photos of the kids wearging those diapers!

    Startsky looks Great! I’ve fav’d it in Ravelry.

    And you were supposed to wait for me to join the sock yarn club…. *joking* šŸ˜€ Next time.

    And have a great (2hr each way) trip to work with that fabulous artist!

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