My visit with the Harlot

Well, that title should get some interesting google traffic… πŸ˜‰

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is just as down to earth and friendly IRL as she is on her blog.

I was still star-struck.

I was sure she was sick & tired of talking to people who gushed over how wonderful she was, and was mortified at the thought of being annoying (especially since I was the very. last. person. in line!). In reality, she was probably just exhausted, and most likely had a wicked sore hand from all the book signing, since it was 10:30 at night. She was very sweet & patient with Spencer, but the lil goober still wouldn’t smile for her — none of my babies have ever smiled on cue…it’s very inconvenient! lol I didn’t say much to her; I was too busy telling myself not to prattle on & be annoying. Instead I just stared…and then asked her to have a picture taken…while she was in the middle of signing my book *smacks forehead.* She was very gracious, though. As was the lady who took the picture with her camera & said she’d email it to me (Spencer was less than gracious & pitched my camera full force at the floor while I had the audacity to look away for a millisecond when we were in line).

So next time I think I’ll rehearse my story aloud in front of a mirror… I had a good one, too! I thought all week about knitting something new for Spencer to wear (because she would totally know if he was wearing old knitted garments *rollseyes*), but didn’t decide to do it until Wednesday. Night. Yea, no possibility of failure, there… If he hadn’t had an icky “wake up every 20 minutes” night last night I totally would have finished, but I had to give up and just go to sleep with him, so I missed out on a good hour or two of knitting time. I actually had his sweater almost finished when my turn came — 1/2 the stitches were bound off & everything.

Oh well; the thing turned out so big he can just wear it next year if she visits again. πŸ™‚ I’ll post a pic if & when my camera is back up & running. Although I may just use this as an excuse to bully dh into getting a new camera (thanks George W. …that check will come in handy; although I still don’t like you!). Our camera is seriously old. Like 5 and a half years old. I recall paying extra to make sure we got the 3.0 mega pixel camera. Yea — I know you just looked at yours & then laughed. Anyway.

Maybe 2 of the ladies I chatted with (okay, I “chatted” their ears off, I think!) in line, Amanda & Amelie, will have more pics. I recognized both of them from their ravelry projects/avatars — they’re local-ish to me. Very cool.

All in all; it was a great night. I had a few surreal moments when I wanted to jump up & run across the rows of knitters & pet all the yarn while naming it — “oohh, look at that Noro; beautiful trekking xxl; sugar & cream is always a nice, hardy cotton, huh.” And the spinning…ohhhh….there were two ladies drop spinning. I doubt I’m going to be able to avoid learning for much longer; I might hold out ’til Christmas, but not much longer! Spencer was great while we were there, & charmed everyone around us. He wasn’t so happy about the car ride; although he’s certainly had worse car rides, so I guess we did okay. If only the child would learn to get upset *before* we pass the expressway exits, instead of immediately after. Still; in another 6 months I’ll be able to bribe him with movies in the car (wow; I can’t believe I just admitted to actually planning that).



4 thoughts on “My visit with the Harlot

  1. It was so nice to meet you in person! Thanks for helping me pass the time in line. I was so impressed with Spencer’s manners while we were waiting, sorry that it didn’t continue all the way back home though! I guess we can’t win ’em all!

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