It doesn’t get any sweeter…

than sweet sleeping babies…

sleeping cherub

…except when they stop nursing before bed for a quick game of peek-a-boo. What a precious baby! He’s learning to communicate more every day — today he taught me a lesson in consistency. As I was telling him “no bite nursies” he looked pointedly at me trying to nibble his overly long nails off his fingers then very obviously & gently set his teeth on the “nursie” in question. Point taken; from now on I’ll use a nail file!

Aside from my children all having some sort of painful thing happen to them (#1 puking, #2 bloody nose, & #3 doing his first headstand — after sliding headfirst down 4 carpeted stairs & bouncing on said head), it was a pretty nice day. I was able to sneak out to the new LYS in my area & knit for an hour (thanks again, Jess!) and check out the selection — which is beyond wonderful! She has a great selection of yarns for all budgets (although I was mysteriously drawn to the expensive stuff over & over… lol), and is very friendly. I don’t think she has a web presence (yet) but if you’re in the area, she’s the Apple Valley Yarn Store in Freeland, MI. She’s in the plaza with the Strawberry Dip bakery where the bead shop used to be. The grand opening event is next Saturday, April 26th.

When I returned home, it was to find that my first month’s installment of the Zen Yarn Garden’s semi-solid sock club yarn had arrived! This is a lousy picture, but bear with me; it was my first time getting to take a pic, upload it & now blog about it all from the comfort of my couch! I’m really likin’ this laptop thing. πŸ™‚

zen yarn garden

The color is called “rambling rose.” It’s so pretty & “squooshy” just as it claims on the label! I’m really going to enjoy playing with this. πŸ™‚

In other news, I made the Yarn Harlot‘s page! Well, to be honest, Spencer made the page, I was just the baby-holder. πŸ˜‰ It was really a great night — I’ve already read her wonderful book. It was entertaining, as always! I’ll have to round out my collection with the 2 books of hers that I don’t have.

I’m off to bed soon, but I have a couple random found links:

Opal is coming out with Harry Potter sock yarn colors!

I swear I wasn’t looking for it, but I stumbled upon what looks to be a pretty budget friendly hand-dyer on ebay that I’m trying not to look closely at (my pocketbook is feeling a tad bit light this month…).


7 thoughts on “It doesn’t get any sweeter…

  1. Aww… he’s so cute in that picture!

    I love the new yarn that you’ve gotten – that pink is just gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  2. Spencer is so so sweet! I’m totally not surprised that the Harlot had to put him on her page. πŸ™‚ Also not surprised that he wouldn’t smile for her! lol! He was being cool…

  3. Oh my…I am so behind in my blog reading. Sorry. THis post is from April. Uh oh. I gotta say, I’m regretting joining this sock club. Not loving the colors. It seems kinda pricey for such a no frills club. I guess I just like the frills. The tissue paper. The pretty do dads. Even miss the pattern I’ll probably never knit. I like the element of surprise beyond the yarn. Of course I haven’t with it yet. I may change my mind…if I ever get motivated enough to try it.

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