MIL love & FO’s

Well, I cannot seem to gather my thoughts tonight (I wonder if the 2 glasses of wine in quick succession had anything to do with that?), so I’m just going to blurt out whatever.  I have a bunch of pics to show you of our (mostly) wonderful Sunday. 

Every week we go to my MIL’s place.  This is a good thing; I have one of those great MIL’s who are great at boundaries, loves her grandkids but always asks for our ok before giving or presuming anything, & knows the perfect thing to say when you give her a handmade gift.  🙂 

It was a bit cold out this weekend, but we still ran about outside.  The boys had a blast:

She and her SO (significant other) made this sandbox for the boys a few months after we moved back into the area.

And last summer we (but mostly she & her SO) built this playhouse. Yes, she did landscape it as well, and add a birdhouse (the woman is mad for birdhouses — she must have a dozen).

This qualifies her for sainthood. She let us bring the “powerwheels” truck that her EX-dh showed up with one day. Ugh. I have some sort of irrational hatred of these things; but I’m wasn’t enough of an ogre to take it away from them altogether. It’s much less irritating in her huge/outside of town/far back off the road yard.

The boys also had a great time just playing. Spence was crazy about the (very mellow) kitty cat.

014 016 018 040

Aiden was encouraged to make “acorn soup” with my MIL, who then pretended to eat said soup. Of course Aiden wanted to eat it, too…he just missed the “pretend” part!

029 030

No worries; after a quick drink he was better, and soon after he was “lucky” enough to discover a turkey feather…

050 035

Ian played catch with Grandpa & is getting quite good at it. 🙂 What a ham.

055 065

Gee, this turned into a MIL love fest, huh? I guess I know what to title it, then. I can’t forget pics of 2 of my FO’s, though! This is a knitting blog, afterall, so without further ado:


Mismatched-use-up-leftovers socks. These were toe-up, 68 stitch, afterthought heel socks on a size 1 1/2 knitpicks 32 inch circ. done 1 at a time. I have about 1 yard of Interlacements Tiny Toes left, so I think my mission was accomplished. The brown/sienna yarn is Opal cotton, which is (surprisingly enough) not irritatingly different feeling. Whew. It is a slightly thinner yarn, but it’s wearing evenly enough with the Tiny Toes yarn. I am so happy to have some handknit socks to wear again. They’re ridiculously baggy, and I haven’t woven in the ends from the flower embroidery (or even finished what I planned to do), but I don’t care. I love them & they are great with my birks. 🙂

And then there’s the 2 1/2 day sweater:


This is the sweater I attempted to knit in time for Spencer to wear to visit the Harlot. I almost finished it, too…of course it fits Aiden (I think, all I managed was a quick pop over the head before he yelled at me), but hey, babies grow, right? Anyway, I’m excited to use up some of the yarn I received in a mboy (magic ball of yarn) swap. It’s Bernat baby cotton and very soft. I think the colors are nice, too, although my dh deemed it a “girly blue.” I do my best to ignore him, though… 😉

Well. I’ve successfully avoided another evening of potential productivity… let me leave you with some random found links. First off, Interweave Knits’ Summer magazine has it’s online preview out. I’m not in love, but I’m finding that a lot of the IK patterns grow on me; especially after seeing them in the “fitting galleries” that Knitting Daily does now.

You still have time to join Sock Wars. The guage is 8 sts/inch, so I’m going to swatch out in tofutsies (the sponsored yarn – if you win SW & used tofutsies for your original pair of socks you win 60 balls of the stuff) and decide if I’m happy enough with the resulting fabric to participate.

Last is the “makes my blood boil” link. Times magazine posted an article entitled “Choosy Mothers Choose Ceasareans.” Really? There are so many incompetent assumptions & so much outdated information in that article I want to…well, rant! Ugh, I won’t, though — then I’ll need another glass of wine! 😉

We can’t end on a bad note, so; gratuitous baby pics are necessary, right?

059 064

These are the pics I need to look at after I crawl out of bed weeping from a night without sleep…


7 thoughts on “MIL love & FO’s

  1. What a great MIL – where can I get one like this?

    Sweet pictures – so great to get outside, even if it is a bit chilly yet – the fresh air just knowcks kids out – whew! And your FO are lovely – I love the not-too-girlish sweater – and 2.5 days – wow! Love the flowers on the socks!

    I will live vicariously through you re: Sock Wars, sounds like a lot of knitting potential with that one and I think I am too selfish:)

  2. Hmmm, I’m not sure I’d want to combine competitive knitting and tofutsies yarn, that stuff is splitty as all get out. But it does sound like fun.
    PS I have a MIL like that too.

  3. 8 stitches to the inch??? Try 20… ugh I wouldn’t use anything bigger than 0’s with that stuff… I used 2’s and it came out way too flimsy… (You already know that but in case anyone else reads this!)

    LOVE the pictures!!! I always love your pictures! 😀

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