A sight to warm the heart (and the body)

cozy knits

Isn’t this a nice thing to turn and see? Yummy bright, deep and saturated color knits waiting at your fingertips. Socks knit in your own laid back, easy pattern (for yourself); longies for a friend (finally completed!); and your first completed knitting project sitting on the arm of the couch casually awaiting it’s next use… love for you, love for friends & love (and tried & true usefulness) for your babies.

Here’s a couple shots of the completed longies. After I finished the (so-so) duplicate stitched initial on the front, dh said it needed a pocket; he was right! Good idea, Honey. 😉

Noah's longies Noah's longies

My socks are coming along, so I have a few other projects I’ll be adding to my ravelry queue soon. One is a pair (or a few pair) of shorties for a friend of mine out of this yummy Malabrigio yarn.

malabrigio orchid

The color is orchid and it’s really yummy. There are some big differences in the depth of color between balls (this was a buy from a lovely Ravelry lady), so I’ll be doing as it’s prior owner did and change balls every round or two throughout the project.

I’m also planning to make Spencer a sunhat, but I may have to wing the pattern as boyish sunhats are not all that common. Well, with the exception of the Little Turtle Knits Bucket Hat. I might just buy that one & save myself a little time; Teresa is certainly someone I enjoy supporting!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day & had the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. 🙂

PS…I almost forgot: random links. Here is one of the reasons having boys is fun. And have you seen the new sock yarn Lion Brand just released? Look at the socks she knit with it before you “ewww” the colors. They look really nice knit up!

…edited to actually add the links… lol


Crazy Cables

Noro socks 1
I’m having a great time with these! I finally cast on last week; I’m working a 7×1 rib with a “crazy” cable in place of one of the ribs. I had intended to make the socks longer, but then I realized that my favorite socks (the Molly socks in my header) are short like this, so I decided to go ahead & start the heel. It takes the issue of calf shaping (darned runners calves, anyway) out of the equation, as well. I can’t seem to stay away from these, they’re so relaxing to knit on.

I commented on a friend’s blog the other day that knitting creates an immediate tangible accomplishment that mothering is sometimes without. I felt a little guilty about admitting that at first, but really it is true for me. I’m not saying that being a Mom isn’t rewarding, or that my kids don’t make me proud (Ian has recently started cleaning up his toys regularly — of his own volition), but when I sit down at the end of the day it’s nice to be able to look at something & say “see, I did that.”

Somehow I don’t get the same feeling of satisfaction when I say it while looking at a day worth of half-chewed, stomped on & mashed food under the dining room table, or a pile of dirty laundry strewn about the bathroom… 😉

Thanks, baby

Gee, I’m prolific lately, huh?  I think it’s the lessening of stress — I don’t feel guilty blogging about knitting now that I don’t have a bunch of knitting deadlines looming (ha — look at that; I made a fiber pun!).  In fact, I finally finished the green longies that had been in timeout for…6 months?  lol  They need an I-cord, but that’s it.  More on that later, though.

Today was about Mothers, but my post is about my Husband.  We’ve had disagreements in the past about how holiday type days should be handled.  He is on the “ba, humbug,” side and I’m on the “let’s go spend all our time & money to show how much we care” side.  Opposites much?  In light of this, and the fact that since bundle of joy #3 arrived things have been pretty stressful, I didn’t expect much of anything special to happen on Mothers day.  In fact, I hoped I could get over the bitterness I expected to feel as we spent the day with his Mother. 

But before we even got to Sunday, there was of course, Saturday.  Saturday started out quite well for me, as he did (for the first time ever, lol) volunteer to let me sleep in on Saturday as well as “my” weekend day of Sunday, just to be a nice guy.  To keep the peace, I asked if he had anything he planned to get done that day before bringing up my ideas.  He responded that he didn’t so I told him a few different things I wanted to do, and asked him which he thought would work for him.

His response was to find a way to pretty much do all three, and do them better than I had asked or dared hope for.  These were my requests — mind you, I only expected to do one of these things: 

1. Leave for about an hour to visit LYS to knit & pick up book I bought over the phone earlier in the week.

2. Have dh mow lawn in backyard so kids can play back there (also wanted to get sand for sandbox, but we didn’t quite get to that).

3. Have a little time to work in craft room to get it cleaned up & useable again.

I’m not sure if I’ve commented, but I very rarely leave my little ones when they’re as young (14 months) as Spencer.  Not only because I naturally want to keep them close, but because my kids tend to be on the, well, clingy side.  Not surprising with my lack of boundries when it comes to extended nursing & co-sleeping, really, but inconvenient nontheless when I want a couple hours to myself.  Still, the middle of the day is a good time for Spence, so I left for the yarn store & came back to find everyone happy, FED, & playing outside.  After dh grabbed a few minutes to himself in his office (he’s more attached to his computer than I am mine), he mowed the lawn while I played with the boys in the front yard.  Afterwards, he left for the park with all three boys, without one single word of complaint as he carried Spence & pushed the cumbersome double stroller with our suddenly-too-tired-to-walk 3 & 5 year olds. 

He didn’t come back for almost 3 hours.  (Insert jaw dropping emoticon here)  When he did start for home he gave me a call & I went out & picked up some fast food, so there were no issues with the boys not liking dinner, or with having to cook with a baby clinging to my leg.  After dinner, we all played a bit, then he put the boys to bed & brought down a movie for us to watch together.  This is a big thing, as he usually closets himself in his office as soon as the boys are asleep & I spend the rest of the evening waiting until it’s time to put Spence to sleep (7ish if he has 1 nap, 10:30ish if he has 2), then do whatever — knitting, blogging, reading blogs about knitting…

Suffice to say the wonderful evening did not end there, but this is a G rated blog, so… 😉  I realized that night that I could not remember one raised-in-frustration voice from either my dh or myself, and that I was more relaxed and happy than I could remember being in…a really long time.  Probably since before I got pregnant with Spence.

Today we spent the afternoon with my MIL (which is always a good thing), and dh & I were happy — no slightly irritated snipping at each other over Spencer grabbing food he couldn’t, or us disagreeing & getting mad at each other over how to deal with Aiden ruining everyone’s meal because he was screeching that his salsa was on the wrong spot on his plate (for something like 10 minutes?  The child is crazy I tell you, crazy!). 

It was just…nice.  We smiled & snuggled a little, grabbed the occasional smooch, played with the kids & just overall enjoyed life. 

So on Mothers day I want to post a bit, huge I LOVE YOU!!  to my sweet, sexy, funny man.  Thanks, baby.

I know this post is super cheesy and loooong on details, but thanks for making it through it anyhow.  We all need to be cheesy once in a while, right?  I can’t believe I just said that — I hate getting all teary eyed & gushy!  I promise it will be back to knitting and irresponsible yarn related purchases tomorrow… 😉

Do you know what this means??

Do you know what this means?!

Well, do you? I’ll tell you what it means at my house…it means that there is no laundry left to do! It’s all done. Every last stinky sock, peed on sheet, puked on blanket (oh am I glad flu season is over!), and grass stained blue jean. Even the diapers were washed, dried AND put away today. Hallelujah. 😉

I couldn’t resist posting about this huge milestone; although I do have to give some credit to dh, who finally bought & installed the hanging bar in the laundry room so it’s waaaay easier to take care of laundry (which motivates me to actually do said laundry!). Thanks again, Honey!

Since I’m here…I have a random linkie or two…Last week, the Knitty surprises came out last week. I took a quick look at them & smiled, then passed. A day later I wandered over to Kristy & Cookie A.’s joint blog & realized that the sock pattern was Kristy’s— and her pictures made me much more interested in knitting them! lol So I’ve joined the ravelry “froot loop groop” and queued them, although I won’t get to them all that soon, I don’t think.

Sock Wars started today, and Julie was kind enough to post the pattern on her blog, Yarnivation, in case anyone wanted to knit along just for fun. She was very gracious in her email back to me when I wrote to her about withdrawing from the game.

Last, if you have a minute, check out some of the blogs I’ve added to my blogroll…although I’m starting to think that if I find anymore I’ll be too busy reading them to post to my own or get any actual knitting done!  lol

Well, I’m off to spend the evening with the King…of Beer, and a cheesy Disney movie  (Paul Walker, anybody?) while I finish up the long-languishing green longies. I whipped through a few inches of the leg today at the park — I’ve apparently been knitting too many socks because I forgot how quickly things go on big needles! I’ll probably finish these tonight.

Especially since I don’t have any laundry to fold. 😉

Happy Friday!



Oy!  Tired.  That one word (and picture) says it all.  My Mom got married this weekend and is now (presumably) enjoying a wonderful honeymoon in Cancun — go Mom!  She definitely upgraded with this guy (my father is not exactly a shining example of husband, father, or manhood…to put it politely) — of course it took her 15 years, but hey, good things come to those who wait, right? 

Still, she was on a tight budget, so everyone tried to help out as much as possible. My sister totally rocked the sewing machine. She sewed 6 bridesmaid dresses (8 if you count the false starts/rejects), the “skirt” of Mom’s dress and fitted the bodice (from my wedding dress!) to it. She also ordered & received the roses from the online place they ordered from (which worked out great & at some insanely cheap $.40-.90/rose price), and headed up the bouquet making, centerpieces & boutonnieres. Oh, did I mention she made all the jewelry for the bridesmaids & the bride? Oy. Amazing.

Me? I complained that my little cling-on wouldn’t let me help more.

spencer in an ice cream bucket

Yea, the kid who is obsessed with being put inthings lately. Silly baby. Seriously though, I provided a lot of phone support & was there to help trouble shoot on the dresses (turns out my sister & I bounce things off one another really well — who would have guessed after a childhood of non-stop fighting), sent what cash we could, some decorations, and not least of all allowed my dress to be disected, lol. We all were up half the night prepping the sanctuary & fellowship hall for the wedding & reception. It was totally worth it; everything was so beautiful. She had dark/deep blue as a main color with some medium periwinkle accents in the bridesmaids dresses etc. The sanctuary had candles everywhere & was otherwise almost dark, and the bouquets were simple, beautiful deep red roses. Of course I left my camera down in the changing room, so until some family coughs up some pics, you’ll have to take my word for it! 😉

Spencer doesn’t allow me much sewing time, but I am able to sneak my knitting in here & there, so I got to make my mom a linen lace-edged hankie.   I totally ripped off Anne Modesitt’s lace pattern from “Hannah’s Tablecloth”(ravelry link) in the Handknit Holidays book (LOVE this book!).  It was my first picot edge & I have a feeling I’ll be doing more.  🙂

hankie 1

I also bought her a toaster, because what wedding is complete without a toaster, right? lol She seemed to get a kick out of it.

There was another big (in my life at least) event this weekend…

starsky 11

What’s that? A bunch of string in a pile? Or the leavings from a COMPLETED STARSKY?!!! That’s right baby. It’s done! Other than leaving the belt at home; arg! I gave it to my sister (RikkiDawn, not to be confused with Toinette, who did all the sewing), and when she put it on, it. just. fit.  It was perfect.  It didn’t scream look at me in a good or a bad way.  It’s just kinda, part of her.  The fit is perfect in length, shoulder width, shawl collar depth, cable pattern style…  I’ve had a picture in my head ever since I saw the pattern on Knitty, and it came out perfectly.  I’m getting a little teary eyed now… lol

We’ll have a photoshoot soon, but here are a couple quick shots:

 starsky 12 starsky 13

I’ve got a few other knitting updates as well… I’m 50 inches into the Dr. Who scarf — I think I’m around 1/3 of the way there — 40ish more rows & I’ll be finished with my allotment of scarf knitting for June!

dr. who scarf 4

I have yarn for a new project, although I’m not planning to start it just now. This Silky Wool will be Michele Rose Orne’s Composed Mitts (have I mentioned that I cannot wait until her book comes out next month?!). I’m not sure the brown & other green will make the final cut, though. The green is a little off in color, and the brown might be a bit too thick — they’re both harvested from Goodwill sweaters.

composed mitts yarn?

But where, oh where did I get that silky wool? Why, from our excellent playgroup magic ball of yarn swap today! Here’s a look at the excellent swap Alison put together for me!

playgroup mboy swap goodies

She made that excellent bag herself, totally sneakily ordered the knitpicks size 2 circs for me & got me Through the Loops’ awesome Belevedere sock pattern. Thanks again, Alison!

Lastly, Sock Wars. Ah, Sock Wars… After finishing my gauge swatch on the tofutsies today, I emailed the organizer & asked to be withdrawn from the game.

tofutsies swatch

The gauge is supposed to be 8 sts/inch, and I was barely getting it on 2’s. I knit several rows on 1 1/2’s, but it was no use — I needed to stay at 2’s or go up to 2 1/2 or 3’s to be perfectly at gauge. I just don’t like the fabric at that gauge — not for socks, anyhow. Besides, I’m kinda looking forward to some deadline free knitting. Maybe next time; I’ll enjoy watching the drama play out this time from the sidelines.

Gee, “yawn” again! I need to update more often, these big posts take forever; especially since I’m getting used to the excessively irritatingVista setup (not that watching Top Chef helps speed things up at all)… I think I’ll go crash now — although maybe I should move Aiden somewhere more comfortable first?