Do you know what this means??

Do you know what this means?!

Well, do you? I’ll tell you what it means at my house…it means that there is no laundry left to do! It’s all done. Every last stinky sock, peed on sheet, puked on blanket (oh am I glad flu season is over!), and grass stained blue jean. Even the diapers were washed, dried AND put away today. Hallelujah. 😉

I couldn’t resist posting about this huge milestone; although I do have to give some credit to dh, who finally bought & installed the hanging bar in the laundry room so it’s waaaay easier to take care of laundry (which motivates me to actually do said laundry!). Thanks again, Honey!

Since I’m here…I have a random linkie or two…Last week, the Knitty surprises came out last week. I took a quick look at them & smiled, then passed. A day later I wandered over to Kristy & Cookie A.’s joint blog & realized that the sock pattern was Kristy’s— and her pictures made me much more interested in knitting them! lol So I’ve joined the ravelry “froot loop groop” and queued them, although I won’t get to them all that soon, I don’t think.

Sock Wars started today, and Julie was kind enough to post the pattern on her blog, Yarnivation, in case anyone wanted to knit along just for fun. She was very gracious in her email back to me when I wrote to her about withdrawing from the game.

Last, if you have a minute, check out some of the blogs I’ve added to my blogroll…although I’m starting to think that if I find anymore I’ll be too busy reading them to post to my own or get any actual knitting done!  lol

Well, I’m off to spend the evening with the King…of Beer, and a cheesy Disney movie  (Paul Walker, anybody?) while I finish up the long-languishing green longies. I whipped through a few inches of the leg today at the park — I’ve apparently been knitting too many socks because I forgot how quickly things go on big needles! I’ll probably finish these tonight.

Especially since I don’t have any laundry to fold. 😉

Happy Friday!


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