Thanks, baby

Gee, I’m prolific lately, huh?  I think it’s the lessening of stress — I don’t feel guilty blogging about knitting now that I don’t have a bunch of knitting deadlines looming (ha — look at that; I made a fiber pun!).  In fact, I finally finished the green longies that had been in timeout for…6 months?  lol  They need an I-cord, but that’s it.  More on that later, though.

Today was about Mothers, but my post is about my Husband.  We’ve had disagreements in the past about how holiday type days should be handled.  He is on the “ba, humbug,” side and I’m on the “let’s go spend all our time & money to show how much we care” side.  Opposites much?  In light of this, and the fact that since bundle of joy #3 arrived things have been pretty stressful, I didn’t expect much of anything special to happen on Mothers day.  In fact, I hoped I could get over the bitterness I expected to feel as we spent the day with his Mother. 

But before we even got to Sunday, there was of course, Saturday.  Saturday started out quite well for me, as he did (for the first time ever, lol) volunteer to let me sleep in on Saturday as well as “my” weekend day of Sunday, just to be a nice guy.  To keep the peace, I asked if he had anything he planned to get done that day before bringing up my ideas.  He responded that he didn’t so I told him a few different things I wanted to do, and asked him which he thought would work for him.

His response was to find a way to pretty much do all three, and do them better than I had asked or dared hope for.  These were my requests — mind you, I only expected to do one of these things: 

1. Leave for about an hour to visit LYS to knit & pick up book I bought over the phone earlier in the week.

2. Have dh mow lawn in backyard so kids can play back there (also wanted to get sand for sandbox, but we didn’t quite get to that).

3. Have a little time to work in craft room to get it cleaned up & useable again.

I’m not sure if I’ve commented, but I very rarely leave my little ones when they’re as young (14 months) as Spencer.  Not only because I naturally want to keep them close, but because my kids tend to be on the, well, clingy side.  Not surprising with my lack of boundries when it comes to extended nursing & co-sleeping, really, but inconvenient nontheless when I want a couple hours to myself.  Still, the middle of the day is a good time for Spence, so I left for the yarn store & came back to find everyone happy, FED, & playing outside.  After dh grabbed a few minutes to himself in his office (he’s more attached to his computer than I am mine), he mowed the lawn while I played with the boys in the front yard.  Afterwards, he left for the park with all three boys, without one single word of complaint as he carried Spence & pushed the cumbersome double stroller with our suddenly-too-tired-to-walk 3 & 5 year olds. 

He didn’t come back for almost 3 hours.  (Insert jaw dropping emoticon here)  When he did start for home he gave me a call & I went out & picked up some fast food, so there were no issues with the boys not liking dinner, or with having to cook with a baby clinging to my leg.  After dinner, we all played a bit, then he put the boys to bed & brought down a movie for us to watch together.  This is a big thing, as he usually closets himself in his office as soon as the boys are asleep & I spend the rest of the evening waiting until it’s time to put Spence to sleep (7ish if he has 1 nap, 10:30ish if he has 2), then do whatever — knitting, blogging, reading blogs about knitting…

Suffice to say the wonderful evening did not end there, but this is a G rated blog, so… 😉  I realized that night that I could not remember one raised-in-frustration voice from either my dh or myself, and that I was more relaxed and happy than I could remember being in…a really long time.  Probably since before I got pregnant with Spence.

Today we spent the afternoon with my MIL (which is always a good thing), and dh & I were happy — no slightly irritated snipping at each other over Spencer grabbing food he couldn’t, or us disagreeing & getting mad at each other over how to deal with Aiden ruining everyone’s meal because he was screeching that his salsa was on the wrong spot on his plate (for something like 10 minutes?  The child is crazy I tell you, crazy!). 

It was just…nice.  We smiled & snuggled a little, grabbed the occasional smooch, played with the kids & just overall enjoyed life. 

So on Mothers day I want to post a bit, huge I LOVE YOU!!  to my sweet, sexy, funny man.  Thanks, baby.

I know this post is super cheesy and loooong on details, but thanks for making it through it anyhow.  We all need to be cheesy once in a while, right?  I can’t believe I just said that — I hate getting all teary eyed & gushy!  I promise it will be back to knitting and irresponsible yarn related purchases tomorrow… 😉


5 thoughts on “Thanks, baby

  1. I’m so glad you had a good weekend! Ours was pretty good too. I’ll have to blog about my Mother’s Day. It was a really nice day. 🙂

  2. Glad you had a good weekend. You did seem very relaxed when I stopped to get William’s shoe. You looked nice, did you have makeup on?

  3. What a wonderful day! so nice to hear you appreciate your husband because some days are just so busy we forget to stop and appreciate the people we love most! (and because some days they don’t deserve it – haha!)

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