Crazy Cables

Noro socks 1
I’m having a great time with these! I finally cast on last week; I’m working a 7×1 rib with a “crazy” cable in place of one of the ribs. I had intended to make the socks longer, but then I realized that my favorite socks (the Molly socks in my header) are short like this, so I decided to go ahead & start the heel. It takes the issue of calf shaping (darned runners calves, anyway) out of the equation, as well. I can’t seem to stay away from these, they’re so relaxing to knit on.

I commented on a friend’s blog the other day that knitting creates an immediate tangible accomplishment that mothering is sometimes without. I felt a little guilty about admitting that at first, but really it is true for me. I’m not saying that being a Mom isn’t rewarding, or that my kids don’t make me proud (Ian has recently started cleaning up his toys regularly — of his own volition), but when I sit down at the end of the day it’s nice to be able to look at something & say “see, I did that.”

Somehow I don’t get the same feeling of satisfaction when I say it while looking at a day worth of half-chewed, stomped on & mashed food under the dining room table, or a pile of dirty laundry strewn about the bathroom… 😉


8 thoughts on “Crazy Cables

  1. I am with you there. I love all four of my kids and yeah i guess I made them too with a bit of help but at the end of the day I have control over my knitted creations.

  2. that is beautiful!! i love it!!

    i hear ya on the mothering comment. don’t feel guilty, sometimes it’s nice to have something “physical” to see that you “did”.

    can you have Ian have a little talk with Anna about picking up her toys?? 🙂

  3. VERY cool! I can’t wait to get some Kureyon sock! And yes, that might explain why I like (am obsessed with!) knitting right now! The only tangible thing I can see with my kids is a mountain of poopy diapers (some days the whole house smells like s***) and huge messes everywhere. (Even though I love them, the s*** smell and piles of stuff that break my ankles gets old after a while…)

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