A sight to warm the heart (and the body)

cozy knits

Isn’t this a nice thing to turn and see? Yummy bright, deep and saturated color knits waiting at your fingertips. Socks knit in your own laid back, easy pattern (for yourself); longies for a friend (finally completed!); and your first completed knitting project sitting on the arm of the couch casually awaiting it’s next use… love for you, love for friends & love (and tried & true usefulness) for your babies.

Here’s a couple shots of the completed longies. After I finished the (so-so) duplicate stitched initial on the front, dh said it needed a pocket; he was right! Good idea, Honey. 😉

Noah's longies Noah's longies

My socks are coming along, so I have a few other projects I’ll be adding to my ravelry queue soon. One is a pair (or a few pair) of shorties for a friend of mine out of this yummy Malabrigio yarn.

malabrigio orchid

The color is orchid and it’s really yummy. There are some big differences in the depth of color between balls (this was a buy from a lovely Ravelry lady), so I’ll be doing as it’s prior owner did and change balls every round or two throughout the project.

I’m also planning to make Spencer a sunhat, but I may have to wing the pattern as boyish sunhats are not all that common. Well, with the exception of the Little Turtle Knits Bucket Hat. I might just buy that one & save myself a little time; Teresa is certainly someone I enjoy supporting!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day & had the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. 🙂

PS…I almost forgot: random links. Here is one of the reasons having boys is fun. And have you seen the new sock yarn Lion Brand just released? Look at the socks she knit with it before you “ewww” the colors. They look really nice knit up!

…edited to actually add the links… lol


5 thoughts on “A sight to warm the heart (and the body)

  1. Oh my goodness! Those Longies are fabulous! You are a fabulous knitter to say the least! And where did you get all that Yummy Malabrigo – I want some. I knit my very first project ever with it (still need to blog it) and it is like butter, like a lambs ears, like a bunny rabbit, it is soooooo soft and yummy! Good find for you I’m sure!!!!

  2. i just bought the bucket hat pattern from LTK and am almost finished with an infant size out of classic cotton from tahki. it is a gift for some friends with a new babe, then onto summer hats for the boys.

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