I’m going to feel really dumb if I spelled that wrong… lol Anyway; here is the first pair of finished shorties for my friend.

leah's shorties 2

leah's shorties 1

And look, they match my overgrown green onions… πŸ˜‰ Stats:

Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted
Needles: size 5 & 7 16 inch circs, size 5 dpns
Gauge: 5 sts/inch
Pattern: my own — in short hand below…
Finished Measurements: waist: 14-22 inches; hips: 20 1/2-26 inches; thigh cuff: 9-12 inches; rise: 18-21 inches (measured from drawstring to crotch)

CO 80 sts on size 5’s

*k2, p2* 5 R
*k2, yo, p2tog* 1 R
*k2, p2* 6 R
k 1 R

switch to size 7’s
*k13, inc 1* k2
k 1 R

repeat these 2 R 3x’s =98sts

k til front is 8 1/2 inches & back is 9 1/2 inches (3 sets of short rows — 1st one after 1st set of increases, 2nd & 3rd set about every 9 R after that)

Move preceding 24 sts onto dpns, then k next 25 sts onto dpns

join new R

*k1, ssk, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1*

k 2 R

repeat these 3 rows 3xs

switch to 5’s

k 1 R, k to last 3 sts, inc 1 =44sts

*k2 p2* 6 R


join yarn for second leg, leaving a tail to sew up hole in crotch, repeat leg instructions.

For drawstring: hold 2 strands of yarn together & crochet a chain about 34 inches.

I knit these to the measurements of my friend’s little girl, but I was off a little bit (apparently my 1 inch guage swatch didn’t get it done as well as it could have… ;)). The great thing about baby clothes is, an inch (okay, okay an inch & a half…!) isn’t necessarily a big deal. In this case, it just means that the cover will have a bit of negative ease over the diaper. I have a few knit covers like this & it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. Still, once baby actually tries these on, I’ll tweak my pattern. I have enough yarn to do about 3 more pair of shorties, should they be wanted.

It was nice to get these started & done so quickly — 3 days & they were finished with ends woven in. I did a rudimentary stitch count and realized that the number of sts is about equal to knitting the cuff, leg & heel flap/turn of my Noro sock. Sort of puts things into perspective. I knit much more quickly on circs (when not magic-looping, anyway) & with a nice combo of yarn weight & needle size. I’ll have to remember this next time I want a bit of instant gratification. I’m sure not getting it with the Bucket hat I’m knitting — heavy/slubby worsted cotton knit on 5’s…ugh! Anywho…

I also received my 2nd installment of the Zen Yarn Garden semi-solid sock yarn club a couple weeks ago!

zen yarn garden bamboo

This is called “Bamboolicious Yarn” and it’s a 70/20/10 superwash merino/bamboo/nylon blend. The color is Pine Grove. Love it! This one has less variances than last month’s pink — which I’m happy about. Hopefully I’ll get to actually knitting it up sometime soon. Although I might finish up some of my partial socks first & repair my other 2 pair.

Oh, and just so ya’ll can join in the impatient waiting…Knitty‘s Summer edition will be up any day (minute…second) now! Can’t wait to see what they have for us this season. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Finito!

  1. Those are chives! πŸ™‚ Put some in your cooking sometime. They are tasty!

    The soaker is CUTE! Makes me want to make a few for my DD for summer… and you know I have Zen Garden envy now… sigh

    Oh and thanks for the Knitty warning. I need more things to make like I need a hole in the head! LOL

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