Weak…so very, very weak…

chevron scarf yarn

It seems that just yesterday I was thinking that I had plenty of yarn & was getting kinda geeked about knitting what I had for a while. And then, while enjoying myself at my lys’s knitting night, innocently petting new arrived yarns, I spotted that gorgeous red. “Really Red.” Yum. I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m becoming slightly enamored with shaded solid yarns & I’m a down-right sucker for a nice, deep red. Still, I would have passed by if I hadn’t spotted the very reasonable pricetag & the generous (or at least very respectable) 450 yard put-up.

Before I realized what I was doing I was sitting beside the Pagewood Farm cubby pawing through all the gorgeous hanks rationalizing thinking that I had been wanting to make a chevron scarf forever, and at that price, I’d be a fool to pass up the opportunity. 😉 With Jill, Ashley & Martel‘s (Martel seems to be blogless, but this is her ravelry page) input, I decided on the red to go with the “Mississippi Mud” that is perfect for the scarf.  If I hadn’t been trying to be responsible (I only went $5 over my weekly budget, lol) I would have walked out with the gorgeous orange shaded hank & probably the green/teal/ocean one as well!

I had a great time at the knit night, but I’m going to have to put blinders on or something!  I’m actively trying to forget that she has the exact colorway I’ve been looking for on & off to complete the yardage for a sweater for moi.  Really.  I didn’t even notice it.  Until next week when I have a little more cash, at least.


7 thoughts on “Weak…so very, very weak…

  1. Silly.. sock yarn doesn’t count as stash. So, really you didn’t do anything wrong. (Just because you didn’t use it as a scarf doesn’t matter.. we still pretend.)

    Your chevron is going to be beautiful!!

  2. Hey, thanks for the support… I chatted with the teachers yesterday and we are going to be able to visit, along with longer drop-offs when I have interviews or freelance. So we’ll be staying in touch, and as soon as I get a new job, he’ll be going back full time. It’s just depressing and annoying. 🙂

  3. I recently snagged some Paigewood when she was at Threadbear. Really soft muted color…so squishy and soft. I can’t wait to knit with it. I think your combination may turn out to be quite stunning!

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