Warning: picture intensive post ahead!

Where do I start? Why not open with a crazy 3 year old who wanted his picture taken. I made the mistake of asking him to smile… lol

aiden 1 aiden 2

aiden 3 aiden 4

aiden 5 aiden 6

aiden 7 aiden 8

Yea, our hands are full with this one…and when did his hair get so long? He & I are currently in negotiations regarding a hair cut. He seems happy to follow big brother’s lead & get his hair cut…when he’s 5, like big brother… No problem, right? Embrace the hippy? I’d be on board with it, but he’s also declining to have his hair brushed or washed

On to more pics…my Mom & her new husband are currently turning 2 homes worth of stuff into 1. House 1 has been lived in for about 18 years & house 2 for a good 50 years (childhood home). The week before the sale she invited all the kids out to come & take what they wanted. I tried to control myself, but failed miserably. I came home with 2 garbage bags of old blankets & sheets, 2 dressers, and a bunch of miscellaneous things as well.

033 034
I’m totally keeping the Smurf stuff! I’ll probably pass the Strawberry Shortcake stuff on to a friend, though.

Aren’t these hankies pretty? I’m seeing a pretty summer quilt with these appliquéd like faux squares.

But here…here is the best part:

sm socks box

I was innocently digging through 20 year old McDonald’s action figures, old fair tickets & hot wheels when I found the box, so I wasn’t expecting much. But lookie here!!

sm socks

“Oh,” my Mom says, “we have some more of those, if you’re interested.”

Interested; me? What gave it away? My gasp of pleasure, or the happy dance I did?

dozen sock monkey sock pairs

That’s a dozen pair — and one pair is green. The plastic packages have instructions for the monkeys — or an elephant. I was even considering keeping a couple pair to wear…

sock monkey socks!

But my toe ends a good 1/2 inch before the white toe of the sock begins! Maybe I’ll get ambitious someday and cut & graft them to fit me.

When I tried on the sock, I found this little paper in the toe — I’d be surprised if you could find a company that would offer this kind of a guarantee anymore…

sock monkey socks guarantee

What really got me was when my new “step-dad” came in and got all nostalgic about his Mom making the sock monkeys when he was little. Of course I offered to make him one, but he almost made me teary when he said he’d rather I made one for his Mom. (all together, now) Ahhhhh…

Yea, my Mom got a good one this time. 🙂


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