Do you ever have those days…

…where you do really dumb things? Many really dumb things? Every time I turned around I seemed to do something else that was just, well, dumb.

The first one caused me to utter a very naughty word.

broken needle

I hopped onto the couch where I had (lazily) left my knitting bag. My knee landed right on the middle of the needle. GRRRR… My pretty Peace Fleece needle (that my cheap self actually paid full price for instead of waiting for a co-op). I’m going to attempt to glue it & then sand it down a bit, so maybe I can still use it.

One the up-side, I’m really happy with the blanket so far. I’m using the same yarn & colors Rae used in her original blanket (ravelry link, sorry — I couldn’t find a pic on her blog) — there will be 2 blocks done in each of 6 colors (I ran out of money before I had a chance to purchase the last color – orange, I think, lol).

extravayarnza block blanket

I think my pic captures the depth of the pics a bit better than Rae’s finished blanket pic (but hers shows the patterns a lot better). The yarn is “Rustic Wool” from Queensland Collection. It’s a bit expensive (for me) — but it’s so beautiful, soft & yummy, that I don’t mind. I’ve finished 2 squares — you may remember the 1st one from a post back in February or March.

block 1 block 2

Here’s as far as I am on the 3rd:

block 3

There are 7 blocks “out” so far, so I have a bit of catching up to do, although these have been easy enough for me to complete in a couple days of casual knitting time. Once I have two needles again, that is. *rollseyes*

The 2nd dumb thing I managed today had to do with carelessness with the razor. Sadly this is not the first time in my life I’ve whipped my hand a bit too near my body and come away with a nice razor cut…it’s probably good that I handed off the apple peeling to dh today!

Thankfully there was only 1 more less than intelligent event today, although it could have been much worse than just dumb. I think Mom’s of many will agree that once you have 2-3 little ankle biters you start forgetting (sometimes) just how little the little ones are, and expect more of them than you should. My big one is expecting the baby to not only understand, but follow my instructions.

I could smack myself upside the head for today’s comment of “don’t play with that trike right there, drive down the sidewalk a bit, honey.” ‘Right there’ being on the sidewalk in front of the driveway, which has a nice incline (decline?) into the road, of course. I then compounded things by turning away to water a plant & not turning back until I head the neighbor’s “Whoa, buddy – stop, stop, stop!!” and running footsteps.

My heart was saved from stopping outright only because during the interminable run to the baby (who came to a natural rolling stop in the gutter beside the road) I could see that there weren’t any cars coming (we live on a pretty quiet street, thanks to the small blocks & frequent stop signs). Spencer was fine — other than being slightly ticked at being taken out of the road — which seems to be his ultimate goal whenever we’re in the front yard. (I soooo cannot wait for THAT stage to be over!)

Anyone else care to admit to any moments they’re less than proud of lately?

PS… Linkie for those who asked about Tunes by the Tridge & the Artists Market

…and a cute baby pic (to prove he’s unharmed! ;)). Don’t mind the messy craft room — it’s actually much, much cleaner that it was a couple weeks ago…I’ll finish it up eventually!

spencer in craft room


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