A blog sin…

I have committed a blog sin. I spent a beautiful evening at an area beach with my gorgeous children, a pretty new knitting project & yummy food…and I forgot my camera! There were so many golden moments. Spencer just walking right into the water (up to his knees, at least) and bending down to examine the stones in the sand. Ian & Aiden’s hole digging, moat building & sand fights. All three of my little angels with the sun shining through their hair as they smiled & pointed at the (not too) brazen seagulls. Specifically for ya’ll, I wanted to capture the shot of my own silhouette in a sunhat with my knitting needles & project clearly shown against the beach blanket; very cool looking. It was definitely a nice outing that we’ll take again.

If you’re near me, you can check out the park and beach here. They just put in a spray park that is awesome, although my kids only watched & ran around the outside; none of them like getting water dumped or sprayed on their heads & faces.

Since I’ve no pictures today, how about some Linkie Love:

Here is a Mercola link regarding rBGH in cow’s milk — scary stuff. I regularly buy organic milk, but organic cheese is harder to find since we boycott Horizon products. I need to take the time to search for some better dairy sources. A newsletter/email from Mothering.com sent me a link to a study regarding food coloring & it’s effects on kids .

And just for the heck of it, a shout out to Pandora — a great (free) music streaming site. The first time I used it, I typed in an artists name & song I was in the mood to hear & after playiing that it proceeded to play other songs it thought I might like. Whenever I feel like it I can press the “love it” or “hate it, don’t play it again” buttons to help the site learn my preferences. You can also skip songs w/o it “learning” if you aren’t in the mood for a certain song at that moment. I understand you can create different “stations” if you want different sounds/styles at different times. I only have one right now — a laid back country station, heavy on the Travis Tritt, Clay Walker & Garth Brooks. It’s great to work in the craft room to. 🙂

I’m hoping to have a few craft room updates for ya’ll soon, if I can tear myself away from my new knitting project.


3 thoughts on “A blog sin…

  1. oh. i have been there. with the forgetting the camera. total bummer!!!
    LOVE that pandora site. totally cool. i can see myself getting lost there for hours!

  2. Sounds like a fun day at the beach. Sanford looks like a ton of fun, we never went there.

    Interesting about Horizon products. I had no idea they were on the “doing bad stuff” list. Switzerland doesn’t tolerate mistreatment of animals at all so everything is fairly free to roam. Within reasonable boundaries, of course. We certainly pay for it at the store though. A 6 pack of eggs runs about $5 and hamburger beef if $10-15 a pound for the cheep stuff. I get why it costs more but ouch! trips to the grocer add up fast!

    Hope you get more beach days again soon.

  3. I often spend weekends on Sanford Lake – it’s a great local lake!

    I do love Pandora – listening to it right now.

    Glad you had a nice day at the beach with your family!

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