Picture-less progress

I’ve been getting so many things done lately, that I haven’t wanted to take the time to load, edit & post all the pictures of them! Soon though, very soon… you will see a (hopefully) beautiful blanket destined for Etsy (if I can bear to part with it), a terribly over-due bag all finished for my sister, great progress on several different knitting projects, and some fun little buys at this year’s River Days (colonial America reenactment). I’ve also started a cat bed made from braided (ahem…to-be-braided) strips of fabric; the boys have helped with the strip ripping/cutting.

I found these two links for info on how to make the bowl/bed/rug part here and here. I also came across an article from Times magazine on the benefits of insanely expensive gasoline. It was actually interesting.

Okay, off to work now. The baby’s having a nap, so I need to do something constructive while I have the chance — dh is gone all week on a business trip; ugh!


4 thoughts on “Picture-less progress

  1. I never thought of a braided cat bed! Sounds really neat. Once I see how yours turns out I may have to give it a whirl.

    Good luck without dh this week. It’s not so bad now that the kids are older but I remember the younger days with him gone and how the days could drag on….

    Hope the weather is at least nice so you can get the boys outside and tire them out!

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