What’s one more?

Project, that is…

Buttknits soaker - testknit

I’m test-knitting a wool (cloth diapering) shortie/longies pattern for Buttknits. I had planned stripes with these 3 bright colors (LOVE peace fleece); but now I’m a bit stuck on how to work them in a (visually) pleasing manner when there are short rows all through the back. Hmmm… I probably shouldn’t be making such loud shorts — he won’t have any shirts to match…too bad — I like loud striped clothes on boys!

Here are a couple of the other missing pictures… dh & I got all ambitious last weekend did some of those “easy but possibly annoying” projects that end up taking only a few minutes:

knitting bag fixing knitting needle

Better yet, they both work! I sanded down the glue residue & have been knitting on the needle happily, and the knitting bag (don’t you love dh’s improvised 4th clamp?) is happily holding my (currently 8 foot, 1 inch) Dr. Who Scarf.

I also finally finished my sister’s Christmas bag (Christmas in July, anyone?). I hope she likes the end product.

Alleysha's bag

Alleysha's bag Alleysha's bag

My daisy blanket isn’t finished yet, but I’ve got the petals sewn down & it’s all ready for my next child-free-before-11pm sewing opportunity. Hopefully it won’t be covered in dust before that chance arises.

daisy blanket

Ugh; no staying power… I hit midnight & all coherent thought fades away. Anyhow, here are this week’s random links:

Knitty Summer Surprises are up — I kinda like Teach. A new (at least to me) online knitting mag has an issue going live August 4th — I’m really looking forward to seeing them — that cabled table runner is lookin’ pretty cool… Finally, I’m playing at doing a bit of designing & found this nifty knitting chart creator.

G’night, all!


One thought on “What’s one more?

  1. I love stripes for boys too and your project looks like it’s going to be great. Go stripes!

    Great bag for your sister. Lucky girl! It’s awesome! That quilt is going to be amazing too!

    Thanks for the links. Not sure how that ‘design chart’ one works just yet but looks like a sweet link.

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