I’ve finished some things in the last week…

MMmmmmm! The orange one was pretty tasty, too…

This was fantastic (and, for the record — the work of 3 evenings); very, very mellow. If you haven’t been able to find a red wine you could handle, start with this one!

But seriously…I have finished some things…

These 4 books were fantastic. The midwives books were fictional, but filled with tons of “truth.” Both amazing reads. The Siblings book is, quite simply, an essential for anyone with more than one child. I’ll be buying it for my own library (along with the “How to talk so kids will listen…” book by the same authors). And if anyone has heard of Flylady, then you probably recognize Sink Reflections. I’m not big on joining things with big lists of rules, but she has a great way of helping you organize yourself.

Wait…this is a knitting blog, huh? Well I haven’t finished any knitting, but I do have some decent progress:

buttknits.com front view buttknits.com side view

I am LOVING the stripes — I swear stripes make me knit faster! The short rows in the back were no problem — I just made each stripe one complete set of rounds (i.e. k 5 rounds then 1 short row round). We’ll see how they fit — they feel a little short in the rise, but the excellent gusset may take care of that.

dr. who scarf 6

I’ve finished around 730-odd rows out of 1042…I’m ahead of schedule (how many times have I bragged about that? lol), and still enjoying picking it up every few days — probably because I’m still enamoured with my new knitting bag. 🙂

None of this is what I’m most excited about, though. What I’m absolutely thrilled about, is my baby. My baby (okay, I suppose at almost 17 months he could be considered a toddler) has taken another step away from total dependence on Mommy (dangit, now I’m tearing up).

After dinner today, I skipped out and headed over to my lys for knit night. I expected a call to come take care of Spencer after 1/2 hour or so as he had a super early nap, but my dh kept him (and his brothers) occupied for a good 1 1/2 hours. Then, after calling me so I could start back, he pulled out the final weapon in our arsenal of distractions. He took them for a walk with the baby in the stroller. I returned home to an empty house & had time to unwind for a few minutes before I heard them coming up the walk. But that isn’t the exciting part. Oh no. This is:

DH brought baby back asleep. Not just asleep in the stroller, but asleep as he picked him up, carried him into the house & laid him on the bed. Spencer proceeded to sleep for 1 1/2 hours before waking to nurse!

Dude. The possibilities are endless…I’m becoming giddy at the thought of the possible freedom I’m seeing glimpses of…


5 thoughts on “I’ve finished some things in the last week…

  1. Chocolate and wine were already signs of a good day but DH putting the baby to sleep for you ??? As the ads say, PRICELESS!

    Good heavens that is a loooonnnnnngggggggg scarf! Whose it for? Did I miss that blog update a bit ago?

    Keep up all of the great work and enjoy every bit of rest you can get.


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