Here, kitty, kitty, kitty…

The boys still seem determined to play with/carry around/love on the kitties every chance they can. I’m waiting for them to start visibly shaking when they see a child approaching, but it hasn’t happened yet! In an effort to bribe the boys into giving me a few minutes of piece the other day, I handed them the camera. They came back 1/2 hour later with all the memory used. My favorite was a series of pictures taken of one the kitties — Sabertooth.

sabertooth 1

sabertooth 2

sabertooth 3

He is a pretty kitty…just as serious as his expression (do cats have expressions?).

Anywho, all this time gave me a chance to finish up these:

buttknits soaker 7

buttknits soaker 4 buttknits soaker 5

buttknits soaker 6

This gusset is awesome. 🙂 I love how trim these are — the gusset really allows you to keep the front quite low.

buttknits soaker 8

Now if I can just convince my dh that they aren’t capris…they’re “board shorts!” 😉


2 thoughts on “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty…

  1. Board shorts they are! And yes, kitties do have facial expressions. Even a bird, who has a mouth that does not move at all, has facial expressions. 🙂

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