Rockin’ new patterns source & peace fleece hoodies (to be)

Wow. I’d possibly be more chatty, but I was linked to this new web-magazine full of stunning knits. I’m on a serious budget right now, but I will be queuing: jaali, come together, livia, linden, gnarled oakwoods & lily. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single publication with so many things that I not only want to knit, but want to wear. And may I say; Cat Bohdi is my hero. An afterthought leg?! Genius.

Now I’ve got to get back to ogling, so I’m going to post my newest knitting project all in pics:

peace fleece hoodies 1

pf hoodies ian yarn pf hoodies spencer yarn
Ian & Spencer’s yarn choices (the boys picked theirs & helped me with Spencer’s)

pf hoodies aiden pf hoodies aiden yarn
Aiden’s is first as he asked first (plus, how often does the middle child get to go first?).

…and a quick shout-out to rockin’ yard sales…
yardsale books

…rockin’ people who don’t steal vehicles at the beach — even when a certain unnamed dummy leaves her keys in a prominent place for 4 hours…

Anywho, they were happy boys…
boys in truck

Now leave me be — I have articles to read & patterns to drool over!


4 thoughts on “Rockin’ new patterns source & peace fleece hoodies (to be)

  1. Absolutely! 1. So sweet & ready to please 2. MISCHIEVOUS and…gregarious? 3. He’s just reveling in his world as he learns so, SO much — at the moment pictured he’s loving being like his big brothers & getting their positive feedback.

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