Things I love…

or rather…new things I love… Red Truck wine. Yea, how red neck does that sound? It’s yummy though; and probably responsible for my loopy post!

So, things I love:

1. One of the Twist Collective designers, Marnie MacLean (first link to Ravelry). Actually I love more than one of them — Cookie A. is a longtime favorite. Still drooling over the Ornette socks I don’t currently have the brainpower to knit, lol.

2. Sanford lake park (link to blog for comments about entire county park systems — nifty!). I somehow dropped my knitting bag at the park Wednesday & didn’t notice until Saturday. I almost freaked (okay, I did freak; slightly!) when I realized. It was not only my chevron scarf, but also the first bag I ever sewed for myself & (inside that) another knitting bag with my Noro sock yarn with 1 1/2 socks completed. What with needles and all, probably about $100 in supplies & yarn, not taking into account time spent crafting and my notebook with notes from at least 3 projects. Luckily, when I drove back out to the park & described the bag, the admission attendant responded with, “is it your knitting bag, dear?” I seriously had to hold back tears. As I gushed my thanks & wiped my eyes she said, “I understand, honey, I’m a knitter too.” I’ve never been so happy in my life.**

3. Felted dryer balls. cool.

4. Jennifer Garner. I seriously doubt she’s the “perfect mom” (who is?) but I think she’s way cool. She just rings true, you know? I became a fan when I saw the first episode of Alias. She’s pregnant with her 2nd and I’m seriously tempted to knit her a baby sweater. How pathetic is that?

**okay, perhaps my wedding & the births of my boys beat that day out… lol!


4 thoughts on “Things I love…

  1. red/white. i just love the name. and the label!
    SO happy your knitting bag was returned. love that story.
    and yes. i too think jg is super cool. i wanted to be HER everytime i watched alias! 🙂

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