I love Caron Simply Soft.

Can you believe I just said that? I can’t believe I just said that! But I did. I’m doing another test knit with Buttknits (yea, it makes me laugh too, but in a nice way — the owner is really sweet ;)), and I’m knitting the item for my sister to use & she doesn’t use wool, so I dove into my acrylic stash — much of which has been gifted by well-meaning relatives (hey it comes in handy occasionally). So anyhow, I grabbed a partial skein of unlabeled acrylic & went to work. The pattern is for a baby item, so I figured I would have enough. Yea. *smacks forehead* Luckily, when I ran to JoAnn’s and compared the yarn to every black acrylic there I found that it was CSS. Since CSS is a no dye lot yarn I am/was saved from having to reknit the entire item! So there. Caron Simply Soft has earned my appreciation (it’s also waaay softer than Red Heart or Bernat…still in that freaky squeaky/plastic-y way, though).

***Good Grief***

I’ve hardly posted recently, and here I am again, out of time (I started the CSS post Tuesday)! We’ve had so much going on that I’ve haven’t been able to spend much time “visiting with all my blog buddies.” I have a new project that I haven’t blogged about to show you, pics of other projects to share, and a bunch of links. Unfortunately, I fell asleep this evening at a mere 12:30am so I missed out on most of my “free” time. I’m up now because I have to put the laptop & knitting supplies (okay, and the glass of wine that I had out! ;)) away so it isn’t all sitting out when the boys wake up.

I guess this just means I’ll have lots of pics to show you when we get back from camping Monday. Wish us luck — all my siblings (have I mentioned that I’m the oldest of 6?), their dh’s (except the one who always comes up with an excuse not to come — spoil sport), all of our kids, and my Mom & her new dh. That’s 18 all together, ranging from 51 weeks to 51 years, all tent camping it.

So ya’ll understand if I save all the pics for next week… I can however post my Random Links!

The Art of Surprise is the site of an artist friend of mine; she’s a great (fellow Diana Gabaldon fan) lady who does beautiful work. I hope to be able to comission a graphite of my kids some day. Here is a Sleep Commentary by Kathleen Dettwyler. It helps me sleep at night (no, really! lol). Here‘s a little guilt trip on drinking bottle water…a huge vice of mine. Ugh. This was a bit more crazy though, the birth control pill changes your preferences in mates? Scary. Thank God I didn’t use it until after I’d already chosen mine. You still couldn’t pay me to go back on it, though — yuck. Next, I have a quick Yahoo article on Obama that I found interesting. Last, through Ravelry, I’ve found a fun new swap! If you enjoyed the Diana Gabaldon books, you may want to join, too. Here’s the blogspot blog about it, and the Ravelry group. I’ll be heading up the Fraser clan. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now to pick my Scottish name

Well, that’s it for tonight; as much as I’d like to stay up, it’s after 4 am now, and the boys will be up by 8:30. I don’t even want to think about all the packing and food prep I have to do tomorrow…hopefully my sister (one of the childless ones) really does show up to help early rather than late! Wish us luck *and good weather*


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