“We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto”

…nor will we be. It turned out that they couldn’t offer enough of a raise to make it worth leaving a town we enjoy, a house I enjoy, family nearby, etc., etc. It’s also extremely unlikely our house, with all it’s 100 year old charm, would sell anytime soon. That means we would have 2 mortgages — or more likely, a mortgage & rent.

Still, it was a fun trip, albeit short & busy. Kansas City looked to have a lot of neat things to do, but we would have been in a suburban area — and I was a bit depressed to see all the apartment/townhouse/condo “communities.” And no grocery stores other than Super Target & Super Walmart — what’s up with that?

So we’re here to stay — at least for the foreseeable future, and the only Kansas references you’ll be seeing will be in our Halloween costumes!

**I’ll tell you all about CookieA’s class soon — but it was fun!**



Just a quick wave hello — we’re on our way to Kansas City, Kansas in a couple days! My dh’s job is asking him to transfer to their corporate offices, so we’re taking a quick trip out to check out housing options & so he can talk about the details & interview. Obviously we’re really excited, but I’m also a little worried. We’re leaving the older two with my sisters & we’ve never been away from them for this long!

Okay, I’m making myself sad; enough about that. Before we leave Saturday, I get to (finally!) attend my Sock Design class with Cookie A. at Threadbear! I’m super geeked about it! I think I’ll buy the yarn there just to celebrate…never mind the bag of sock yarn in my craft room… 😉 With any luck I’ll figure out a nice pattern that doesn’t require too many written instructions so I can take them with me. It would be even more wonderful if Spencer slept on the plane so I could knit! I know — I’m laughing too…anyway;

Sweet dreams!


I’ve never been monogamous for so long…

Michelle's baby blanket

I mean in knitting, of course! I don’t even know what to knit next. I have a bunch of ongoing projects I have to get familiar with them again. I have ripping I’m reluctant to do, and redesigning I’m undecided about. Hmmmm….

Ah well — at least the blanket is done! It’s going into the dryer in a few minutes, alhtough I might pull it out a little early & block it a bit.

Maybe I’ll just pet my $3 stash enhancement…

Rummage sale yarn find!

I’m pretty sure the big balls are Karaoke, there are a bunch of partial balls of kitchen cotton, a couple full ones, some fingering weight yarn that should be wonderful since it claims to be the “world’s finest knitting yarn” (ha), a yummy ball of red wool, & a skein of pretty blue cotton in a sport weight. Oh, and I picked up a set of size 7 clover dpns for $.25. Dude. I was a happy girl. All in all, I walked out with 5 shopping bags of loot for less than $10. 🙂 Happy days.

First…and Last!

Well, at least for this year! Here is Aiden on his first day of 3 year old preschool last week.

aiden 1st day of 3 yo preschool

Here is Aiden on his last day of 3 year old preschool last week.

aiden 1st day of 3 yo preschool

He had a good time, I think, but was a little quiet about the whole thing. He commented at one point that he was sad I didn’t stay (it was a co-op preschool, so there were many parents there, but I couldn’t stay because I had my other 2 boys to take care of). When Thursday came around, he said he didn’t want to go. I talked to him about it a bit, but he was sure, so that’s that, I guess! I have to say that part of me is glad — I’m not all that big on 3 year old preschools, although this was a wonderful one.

And it means we will have more chances to do things like this (thanks, Leslie), and this:

mr. potato heads!

Yea, dh & I are suckers for Mr. Potato Head stuff & we just expanded our the kids’ collection. We went to Meijer for kitty litter & food & came home with quite a few other things as well…ah well, it was fun, and it’s something that doesn’t bore dh & I to tears (at least not at once) with the boys. Spencer even gets in on the fun. 🙂

I know, I know…knitting blog! I’m still in a distressingly monogamous relationship with the baby blanket, but all the squares are joined and I have 2 1/2 of 20 square sides finished (does that make sense?). I did see this gorgeous cardi on CSI: Miami the other day — sorry about the lousy pic — it’s hard to take pictures of the television!

sweater from csi miami

Maybe someday I’ll get to knit other things again someday… lol. Like something from the new Knitty, perhaps? Or maybe this? I really like the cables shaping the waist, although I’m not in love with the garter yoke. We’ll see; I’m **almost** to the point where I don’t want to look at new patterns — I have so many other projects that I’m chomping at the bit to get back to. Probably I should stop with the Mario mania…it’s only a matter of time now, before I beat the entire thing — I’ve finally found out all of Mario’s secrets! I must say, I knew almost all of them already (and I’m pathetically proud of that fact! lol).

All right; an i-cording I go…but make sure you check out this sweet lady‘s yarn shop…and I just have to toss in this one last picture of my little goobers. 😉

beautiful boys

Miss me?

I missed you! I’m sorry I didn’t post to reassure you sooner, but you’ll all be glad to know that I did not, in fact, get tied to a tree by my dear sweet sons, as Tina suggested. Truthfully, they were too busy learning farting songs from their older cousin, rolling and running down Sleeping Bear Dunes, and floating down the Platte River in Rhino float rings. Spencer turned into a clinger monkey, so I spent most of my time with him & forgot entirely about the camera. Maybe I’ll remember next year; you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was really fun. And the food…oh my…if I’d had the chance, I’d have sat at the picnic table and ate for hours!

On the knitting front, I mentioned a project last post that I hadn’t showed any pics of or even talked about. It’s a baby blanket that my entire playgroup contributed squares for.


I volunteered to join the squares, and after a fun finishing techniques class with Terry at Apple Valley Yarn Company in Freeland, I decided to do an I-cord bind off/join. It’s beautiful, but it is taking a loooong time. Of course, Spencer has been in the middle of one of those lovely “phases” where he needs Mommy more than he needs sleep, so I’ve been averaging 1 side of 2 squares per night. Did I mention there were 24 squares? I am finally in the home stretch, with only the top row left (the two missing squares have since been completed & given to me). Of course I also decided to do the trim as well, since the only thing that goes with i-cord joined squares is an i-cord border. Yea. I’ll post in 2009 when I finish up. lol!

baby blanket 2

Anywho, there has been some sewing in the last few weeks (although I’m officially behind on my last 2 blankets for my “year of the blanket” for my nieces & nephews’ birthday presents).

more dipes

Here is the recipient of those diapers, sweet Haley at her 1st birthday party (with her gorgeous Mom, who I’m proud to say is my wonderful little sister…I developed my “baby hip” carrying her around when I was 7 *sniff*).

1st birthday 1st birthday with mom

She is a beautiful baby, isn’t she? Almost as beautiful as mine (Spencer is almost exactly 6 months older than Haley)… did I say that out loud? lol

haley & spencer

This bag was a small commissioned project for a mom in my playgroup (who will be returning to us next spring once her dh finishes his last year of school — yaaay!).


Dh put up a shelf for me in my craft room, and I had it decorated (read: chock full of “stuff”) in minutes. 🙂 That doll on the wall with the yellow hair was bought by my Grandparents in Brazil when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. She’s really neat. 🙂 And yes, that is an original Nintendo you see…I got to level 7-4 last night in Mario; woot! (this is the part where you don’t mention that I should have been I-cording… ;)).

new shelf

I’ve also bought some stuff…100purewool; lovely stuff, but beware of the colors — you occasionally get a color that is ridiculously different from what you ordered…and then they update their website to reflect the color they’re giving you with the original name…really — does this look like “coral” to you?

100purewool 1 ply

100purewool 1 ply
Ashen 1ply worsted

100purewool 1ply & 3ply
Firebrick (both 1ply & 3ply –another mistake–I wonder how noticeable it will be if they’re knit up together?) worsted

100purewool fingering
Fortress fingering…yum!!

I also keep buying these gorgeous candles at the Farmers Market…I’m sure I’ll get more next week as I keep buying them for future swaps then setting them on my window sill & realizing there’s no way I’m going to give these up!

farmers market candles

Other exciting happenings include Ian’s 1st day of Kindergarten…*sob*

1st day of Kindergarten

He’s completely happy; already learning to write his numbers & taking Spanish. His school prompted me to make another buy, but more on that next week. I think he made a name for himself when his teacher complimented him on the tattoo on his arm and he promptly showed off the rest…

Ian - tatoo boy!

For all my talk of not getting pics of the boys, I actually did get some this week. We had a lovely summer rain a couple days ago — the sort where the rain just comes straight down & there is no hint of thunder or lightning. So I sent them outside to teach the baby the fine art of stomping in rain puddles.


My camera sucks, but you get the idea…it was one of *those* moments. 🙂

My boys

And then we came in and I caught this shot of Aiden — I swear this is one of those pictures that show you what a child is going to look like in 20 years (other than the wet hair!).


I haven’t been knitting anything other than the blanket, but here’s a progress shot of the Peace Fleece sweater I’m going to have to rip out. The first shot looks about right…

PF hoodie -- folded PF hoodie -- too big

And then you see how many inches too big I’ve made it… ugh I’m pretty sure I counted 20 stitches too many — at least it will knit up that much more quickly, huh. And I can change the order of the colors, although I’m not quite sure what order I’m going to change them too yet.

Oy. It is getting late (and I’ve been working on this post for 2 days **edit: 3 days!** — Mario Bros. is time consuming! lol). So I’ll sprinkle all my beautiful “Spencer in a fireman’s hat after he learned to ham it up for the camera” shots between my random links:

spencer fireman's hat 9

Information on the dangers of flouride, and a company who may make filters that may remove flouride.

spencer fireman's hat 8 spencer fireman's hat 7 spencer fireman's hat 6

I also followed a link that I’ll have to read more about later — a grass-fed beef retailer.

spencer fireman's hat 5 spencer fireman's hat 4
On a non-soapbox issue, Metapostmodern came out with their 2nd online issue of new knitting patterns — very cool, even though I didn’t see anything that was really my style. Maybe it’s yours? 🙂

spencer fireman's hat 3

My buddy Jamiee (who hasn’t updated her blog in AGES) sent me this link…what do you think — are we ready for another generation to learn “who ya gonna call?!” I think so!

spencer fireman's hat 2 spencer fireman's hat 1

My last link is for my all time favorite Author, Diana Gabaldon. She has a BLOG now!! I’m so excited. 🙂 I have months of archives to catch up on (you know…after I finish the I-cord… ;)).

**Whew — I can’t believe I finally finished this post!