I’ve never been monogamous for so long…

Michelle's baby blanket

I mean in knitting, of course! I don’t even know what to knit next. I have a bunch of ongoing projects I have to get familiar with them again. I have ripping I’m reluctant to do, and redesigning I’m undecided about. Hmmmm….

Ah well — at least the blanket is done! It’s going into the dryer in a few minutes, alhtough I might pull it out a little early & block it a bit.

Maybe I’ll just pet my $3 stash enhancement…

Rummage sale yarn find!

I’m pretty sure the big balls are Karaoke, there are a bunch of partial balls of kitchen cotton, a couple full ones, some fingering weight yarn that should be wonderful since it claims to be the “world’s finest knitting yarn” (ha), a yummy ball of red wool, & a skein of pretty blue cotton in a sport weight. Oh, and I picked up a set of size 7 clover dpns for $.25. Dude. I was a happy girl. All in all, I walked out with 5 shopping bags of loot for less than $10. 🙂 Happy days.


6 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

  1. Wooohooooooo! That blanket looks AWESOME all laid out! I’ve not really looked at it from that far back, and it looks great! Thanks for all your hard I-cord work!

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