Just a quick wave hello — we’re on our way to Kansas City, Kansas in a couple days! My dh’s job is asking him to transfer to their corporate offices, so we’re taking a quick trip out to check out housing options & so he can talk about the details & interview. Obviously we’re really excited, but I’m also a little worried. We’re leaving the older two with my sisters & we’ve never been away from them for this long!

Okay, I’m making myself sad; enough about that. Before we leave Saturday, I get to (finally!) attend my Sock Design class with Cookie A. at Threadbear! I’m super geeked about it! I think I’ll buy the yarn there just to celebrate…never mind the bag of sock yarn in my craft room… 😉 With any luck I’ll figure out a nice pattern that doesn’t require too many written instructions so I can take them with me. It would be even more wonderful if Spencer slept on the plane so I could knit! I know — I’m laughing too…anyway;

Sweet dreams!


5 thoughts on “Kansas?

  1. cookie a. sock design class???? that is awesome! you will have so much fun.
    have fun in kansas.

    we are doing well in olympia. adam landed a wonderful job and begins in october!

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