Don’t mind the terrible picture of me; I’m getting used to taking crummy pics…lol
cookie & me

Cookie’s class was just as interesting and fun as I thought it would be. She is charming, unassuming & (of course) very knowledgeable about pattern design! She spoke about converting stitch patterns, gave tips on elasticity of different types of patterns, made an excellent case for top-down socks, and of course — had an entire pile of beautiful sample socks. 🙂 It was great fun getting to see everything up close! Her ideas on how to incorporate cuff ribbing & heel flaps into the pattern design were great, and it’s due to her comment that the sock I began has the cable starting from the cast on edge. 🙂

Because it is, of course, the “pc” thing to do to buy your yarn at the same lys you’re attending your class at, I introduce you to both my new sock and my newest yarn acquisition. Here is the very, very yummy Dreams in Color “Smooshy:”

cookie sock design class sock

I LOVE the semi-solid variances. 🙂

Now back to cuddling my little ones through their first-head-cold-of-the-season. Ugh (to the cold, not the cuddling!). 😉