Permission to fail

It sounds silly, but it’s an issue for me. Once I start something, my problem isn’t giving up, it’s allowing myself to admit it isn’t working & having the “guts” to quit. So I now present you with the already riiiiipped cardi for Aiden.

aborted peace fleece sweater

It was too obnoxious of a color scheme; the purl bumps made it more obnoxious, and I *hated* all the intarsia type knitting since I had joined the sleeves to the body. Pulling this off the needles was very freeing. And now I’m able to get right to knitting some great hats & mittens for them. I’m already two down & one to go on the hats. 🙂

peace fleece hats

Dude; I love stripes.

I’m still planning to knit them all sweaters, but I think I’m going to go a different direction (which will not include letting them choose multiple colors…lol).


3 thoughts on “Permission to fail

  1. i totally understand. after we moved, i came to terms with a few projects that i had compulsively started before we left, not to mention a few hangers-on, like a heel on a sock for adam that could have been done six months ago!!
    i completely feel you about how you have to be bold enough to stand up and say, yes you are a wonderful example of my ability to knit well, but you are not working, riiiiiiiiiiiipppp 😛

  2. oh, stripy goodness! love the hats.
    i hate to give up, too. so i completely understand. but in the end you will be so happy. 🙂 can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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