It may not be very original…

you may even call it…Unoriginal!

unoriginal hat

Pattern: Unoriginal Hat, by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Yarn: 2 50 gram balls Lana Grossa Royal Tweed held double
Needles: 10 1/2 magic looped

I’ve already finished mittens to match,

unoriginal hat & mitten

and I’ve started a scarf (although I’m going to have to pull it out — again — this is attempt #3) to match. I’m having to work around severe yarn restrictions — I’m about out of blue. The cream color you see is actually 2 strands held together. One is a tan/khaki Patons classic merino, and the other is undyed BFL.

It’s nice to have such a quick project — I did the hat on Monday & Tuesday, one mitten Wednesday, and finished up the 2nd today. Can I knit a scarf in a day? 20 sts. on 10 1/2’s? We’ll see. This set is for my husband’s Grandma. She’s coming up from Florida the week before Thanksgiving & I want to mail this out to her asap so she doesn’t buy something else (but I want it to be a surprise, lol).

Back to the needles! How ’bout that election, by the way… 😉 I’m happy, hopeful, and impatient. Please don’t let us down, President (elect) Obama.


5 thoughts on “It may not be very original…

  1. Hats and mitts go so quickly, don’t they! I’ve made hats for my family this fall and that should really encourage me to dig out the one I started over a year ago and finish it for myself!

    Yes, I’m very excited to be a part of history right now and very hopeful about President Obama.

  2. now that is one productive week of knitting!!
    and i am sure you are finished with the scarf.
    great set.
    i really need to make some mittens. i love mittens.

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