So I’ve finally caved and joined Facebook. I held out for weeks (okay, 2 weeks), after my dh joined, talking about finding this college buddy & that one. I have to admit that it’s fun, easy to start, and neat to catch up with friends from high school. It’s a little strange to see the click-throughs to my blog & realize that my old classmates probably think I’m a wierdo-grandma knitter. lol Ah well, I was always a little strange… 😉 It certainly made me smile when my old running buddy asked me (tongue in cheek, I believe) to train & run a marathon next year…maybe in a couple years! lol

I’m keeping busy with dh running off on business trips (seems like there have been a few recently), knitting prizes & gifts for swaps left and right (I finally found a color & project I think will make Peaknit smile). I’m pathetically happy that I made it to the post office to mail my two ravelry swaps, and even more proud that I didn’t duct tape my children’s mouths closed at the grocery store when they were acting out every cliched “brat” scenerio I’d ever heard of. *sighs* I’m going to have to stop shopping at that Kroger or I’m going to be pointed at as the lady with the little terrors… Or maybe I should stop taking them shopping when they’re already hungry & cranky?

I’ve a bit more knitting to do before bed, so here are a couple random links:

This is a HUGE hint for my husband (who should really read my blog occasionally, grrr). Speaking of my husband, he sent me a link to this ghoulish knit projects page. And speaking of ghoulish knits, the Knitty surprises came out a week or two ago. My fav is the Frankensocks.

Drop me a comment if you want to find me on facebook! And who knows, you might win my other blog prize — the 500th comment will be from this post, I’m sure!! 😀


4 thoughts on “Joiner!

  1. so cute that your husband is on the look at for projects! 🙂

    i am on there. but trying to find a balance with the internet. so much to do………i wish we could just add a couple of hours to our day!

  2. I loved the ghoulish knitting page! My favorite was bender the robot! Maybe you can bring your red and tan yarn to the next SnB. That way we can all see it in person!

  3. Friend me — I gave in and joined Facebook not too long ago as well!

    And did you try looking at the red & tan in sunlight? Sometimes natural light really helps me make a ruling on color combos …

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