Yay or Nay?

I’m conflicted — help! I’ve started a project with this red(dish) and was considering bringing in this contrasting tan. So, is it hip, modern, whatever (is there some rule that states if you have to ask if something is “hip” you are most certainly NOT? Now I feel old…we won’t discuss my upcoming birthday… lol).

yarn 1 yarn 2

Tell me the truth — is the red too brown to have this tan paired with it (I’m not certain how well the tan photographed — it’s the darker of the yarns I held double stranded in this photo)? Does it look washed out and ucky? Would you wear it? Ugh. I hate it when I can’t figure things like this out. Help!


10 thoughts on “Yay or Nay?

  1. I don’t think so…and I realized that when I originally paired the colors it was daytime & it wasn’t ’til evening (read: artificial lighting) that I was worried. I’m going to go for it!

  2. I think they look pretty together! Is this the red yarn you’ve been working with recently?

    What kind of project are you thinking of?

  3. I think they look great! Go look at the sweater Noah is wearing in my most recent pics- it’s the same colors as that yarn! Love it.

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