OY! Did I tell you? I had a big birthday today. A big one. I haven’t had a “big one” since I turned 21; so you can probably guess what this one was (well, the blog title may give you a wee hint, as well).

It seems this birthday deserves a bit of introspection. So where am I in my life? What do I have? What did I think I would have accomplished by now? What yarn did I buy with my birthday money? How many gray hairs do I have?

Where am I? I’m in what I believe will be the hardest part of my life — for me, at least. I always planned to do exactly what I’m doing — stay home & raise my children. But these young years really take it out of me. I feel every screech & squeal & worry about every step, word, action. I read books about children being misunderstood as children & shooting out schools as teenagers. I’m dumbfounded when they do mean & angry things, and saddened when I cannot give them everything their heart desires…even when I see the negative impact such indulgence has.

What do I have? I have three children so beautiful — of heart, mind & soul — that my own heart aches. I have a wonderfully lighthearted husband, who is, as the best man at our wedding said, the yang to my yin (if I have my reference correct). We are opposites in many ways, and he is at times very frustratingly male; at other times, however, he is so wonderfully male. We just work together, you know?

I also have fantastic friends, who spent the day with me today (and brought me some great gifts — the cookies are almost gone, Holly!). One of my friends, Jaimee, actually flew up from Florida with her youngest son, and surprised me! I totally screamed like a girl when I realized what (who) I was seeing (her, standing behind me in the middle of the play area at the mall, where Tim told me to meet him after work).

What did I think I would have accomplished by now? Well, I’m pretty sure that my 8th grade self was confident that I would have written my first best seller by now, as well as having married & started raising my children…while keeping a beautifully tidy home, of course. Oh, and if I recall correctly, I planned to have run at least one marathon (which means, I assume, that I wouldn’t have all this extra “baby weight” still hangin’ around, huh). Ah well, the dreams of the young, right? 😉

So, what yarn did I buy with my birthday money? Well, I bought Sock yarn! Yummy Misti Alpaca sock yarn that’s soft & light & warm. And at Michaels today I bought Patons Stretch cotton yarn — because I want to knit some stretchy cotton (never mind that I already have Panda cotton…it makes total sense to buy more of a yarn you want to try knitting with, because if it eventually overtakes your stash, it will have to be chosen, right? And I was so geeked to see sock yarn at a big box store, I wanted to encourage it. 🙂 I also picked up a bunch of pretty buttons for sweaters I’ve yet to knit, a fiction knitting book, a knitting booklet, and several pretty wicker baskets for my yarn! 🙂 I have just enough left to order several skeins of peace fleece from the coop I’m running (how sad would I have felt if I’d have had to order a huge pile of yarn & not gotten to keep any of it!).

How many gray hairs do I have? None of your business!
…does anyone know anything about henna hair dye? 😉

P.S. A Friend to Knit With was the 500 commenter last week! I’ve been planning a fun prize package for her all week, as I finished up the one for Peaknit. 🙂 How great is it that two of the first few people whose blogs I ever started reading (and two of the first few people who ever started reading my blog) won, so I get to show my appreciation and make little gifts for them. 🙂

P.P.S. Thanks for all the opinions on the yarn colors — I went with it & really liked how it turned out. You’ll see pictures soon. 🙂

P.P.P.S. Did I tell you this Misti Alpaca even smells yummy?!

P.P.P.P.S. No, I’m done…I just wanted to see how many P’s I could add before it started to look really ridiculous… 😉


4 thoughts on “THIRTY

  1. Seems 30 is pretty awesome:) I can barely remember – haha! It is heart warming to hear how good life is from your perspective – you have earned it! Happy Birthday!

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