A One Skein FO Parade

I’ve been busy knitting lately, but so many of the things were gifts, etc., that I couldn’t post about them. Now that things are winding down, I can post a whole slew of pics. Here we go!

coffee washcloth & tribble scrubbies
Coffee washcloth in Sugar in Cream knit on 7’s. This was a quick knit, but I was a little disappointed in it, until I photographed it. I think it actually looks better in the pic than IRL…weird.

The circles are the Tribble pattern, knit in Red Heart Super Saver. Perfectly scratchy as good scrubbies should be. These two bring my total up to 1/2 a dozen — I keep knitting them for myself then giving them away!

This is one of those super secret projects, but I was so geeked about learning (finally) to crochet, that I had to share. In fact, I was so excited that I bought this:

crochet book
…because I need more projects (of course my kids would flip if I ever made one of these!).

unoriginal set with neckwarmer
I finished this Unoriginal set with a neckwarmer as I was seriously out of blue yarn (and the white was too scratchy for neck-ware). Then I knit another set (thanks all for the color advice!):
unoriginal set with scarf
The scarf is a bit short, but it’s nice and squishy. šŸ™‚

sophie bag
I knit this Sophie bag a couple months ago, but I don’t think I ever blogged about it. It came out wonderfully, so I immediately knit another one for my friend (which I keep forgetting to get a picture of!). I’ve yarn to make one for myself, after all the holiday knitting.

step dad slippers
These are Ribby Slipper Socks for my “step”dad. The pattern is in the Interweave Knits holiday mag. I used 2 strands of Red Heart and went down a needle size, so I increased by 4 sts. initially (and 8 overall). It isn’t a very attractive slipper, but then, what slipper is? They’re warm & squishy, though, so they should be appreciated in their remodeled house with hardwood floors throughout. I may have to enclose a bottle of puff paint just in case they’re too slippery, though.

For my birthday, my sister (well, the one closest to me in age) sent me the absolute coolest thing I’ve received from my family…possibly ever (I may be exaggerating a wee bit)!
It’s a terrible pic, but you get the idea. This is the most ridiculous item — a jeweled goldfish that opens so you can put something about the size of a ring inside. Every time I see it I grin. Between this and the poncho/sweater/wrap thing in an argyle print that the same sister helped my Mom pick out for me, I totally feel like my family is starting to “get” me. It’s a nice feeling. Thanks sis (and Mom!!). šŸ™‚

Oh my…this is going to be the post that never ends!
misti alpaca & buttons
Here’s a shot of the Misti Alpaca that swayed me at the lys last month, and the excellent buttons I picked up — the rectangle ones are all mine!

I received a surprise package last week — a thank you for being one of the Clan leaders in the Ravelry Outlander.
outlander chieftess swap package
Apparently, a bunch of the participants got together & contributed en masse to make one of these packages for each of the four of us. You see here an absolutely breathtaking crocheted lace bookmark & snowflake. A lovely ball of Highlander yarn, pretty, pretty stitch markers, a nifty messenger bag, a wonderful dragonfly washcloth, a cloth postcard, and a “pencil” case with lotions, scissors, post-its, and (of course) candy! I’d say I was speechless from the generosity, but obviously “speechlessness” is not something I’m often afflicted with. šŸ˜‰

I swear I’m going to shut-up soon, but I couldn’t resist this picture of Ian & Spencer.
ian & spencer playing in snow
Aiden is missing as we were having a 20 minute argument about whether or not he should get to play in the snow wearing a hoody, a t-shirt, sweatpants & a pair of boots. I won, for the record — but it was close! Motherhood is quite an adventure some days…

Dude. Now my computer is complaining of a low battery…how ’bout some quick random links? Twist Collective has a new issue out. I’m totally crushing on Heroine. Not sure how it would be on my body type, though. I’ve decided that after Christmas I’m going to join the 3IG’s sock club (assuming they still have any space) — I love the idea of a choice of colors, the different weights & fibers, and (most importantly ;)) the opportunity to pay monthly! Knotions has a new issue out as well, although I didn’t fall in love with anything. Some cute stuff though — especially the Weasly Girl Sweater. This Etsy shop caught my eye — she does custom orders & made some Diana Gabaldon Outlander series stitch markers for a lady in the swap I was part of — very cool.

Last for the night is a couple books — one I’ve read & the second I’m looking forward to. Our Momma’s group has started a mini book club. We read The Red Tent first, and let me tell you — it was amazing. I totally recommend it to every woman out there. It’s a celebration of our uniqueness, and it has helped me to see that differences between men & women are…right. They should be embraced, not trampled on & ignored. We think, feel & function differently. And that’s a good thing! The next book up is Eat, Pray, Love. I’m going to hunt it down from the library (we’re totally broke over here, lol), but my friend said her sister gave it a huge recommendation.



5 thoughts on “A One Skein FO Parade

  1. I really liked your unoriginal mittens.
    And we do have some arguments about getting dressed before we get out around here too…

    Have a great weekend šŸ™‚

  2. I have the Eat Pray Love if you would like to borrow it!! I still have one of your outlander books too! (not done with it yet though!)

  3. I will drop it by sometime tomorrow after work! Just check with me before you hassle with the library I have a large stash of books!!

  4. Oh, what are you going to make from the Misti Alpaca? That looks like a beautiful yarn and I hope you make something for you out of it.

    Great stuff you have been making again. I can only imagine the boys excitement if you make the pokemon toys. Of course you would have to make 3!

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