I’m going to be tossing up some yarn for sale on Ravelry, and thought I’d post it here as well. It’s all great yarn, but we’re feeling the $$ crunch a bit more than we anticipated (how those Christmas presents & home repairs do add up!) and I don’t have specific uses for these particular skeins. If you’re interested drop me an email (cinnamonamon at yahoo dot com) or leave a comment. The prices include shipping with delivery confirmation — I’ll round down a dollar for every skein after the first one purchased as shipping costs are negligible when you’re talking about yarn.

100purewool pink
This is 100purewool in color firebrick. $8 each. The one in back is 3 ply, the one in front is single ply. This is great stuff to work with — buttery soft.

100purewool 1 ply
More 100purewool in color ashen. Both skeins are single ply. $8 each.

noro kochoran
Noro Kochoran. Super soft stuff – I made Spence a sweater (two actually) out of this stuff & he wore it for a year! It’s 50/30/20 wool/angora/silk. Color 1, Lot C. $15 each.

I bought the Mountain Colors when my lys went out of business with the intention of making a hat/cowl/scarf type set for myself. Unfortunately, none of the patterns that work with this yardage are ones I want. I’m also selling the 2 balls of Queensland Collection Kathmandu DK that I bought to make matching gloves.
mountain colors

mountain colors mohair mountain colors boucle
Mountain Colors Mohair in Red Tail Hawk. 78/13/9 mohair/wool/nylon. $15
Mountain Colors Moguls in Red Tail Hawk. 98/2 wool/nylon. $15
QC Kathmandu DK in color 405, lot 40. 85/10/5 merino wool/silk/cashmere. $6 each.

Don’t even think about asking about my Misti Alpaca…we’ll never be *that* broke! 😉 lol


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