Baby Knits…aka the 1 & 1/2 day baby sweater

I may have broken my record for quickest baby sweater, but I kinda cheated! Assuming you count size 10 1/2 needles and sport weight yarn held double cheating… 😉

Still, I like it; and I’m pretty sure my friend Autum did at her playgroup baby shower. She’s due right around Christmas, so I knit a little Christmas patch and stitched it on:

Autum's new baby sweater

Don’t mind the little bulge under the arms…these are the things that happen when you don’t stop to think that the customary 4 (i.e.8)sts left under the arm for grafting might be a little excessive in a newborn sweater knit on such big needles. I wasn’t entirely thrilled with my decision to do the increases for the arm at the end either, instead of a steady increase throughout the arm, either. Other than that though… loved it! If anyone ever wants a super quick newborn sweater knit in the round, let me know! I’ll probably drop the instructions in my notes section when I get around to putting this up on ravelry. Someday. 😉

Autum also received the baby blanket our entire group knit for her.

autum blanket 1

The edging is where I learned to crochet! Rachael did all the finish work, though; bless her heart! She wove in all the ends, and sewed the backing down, then did the “grandma ties.” I joined the squares, but didn’t do such a hot job, unfortunately. Still, I think it will be much loved.

Here are the ones I was responsible for:
autum blanket my square 8 autum blanket my square 7 autum blanket my square 6 autum blanket my square 5 autum blanket my square 4 autum blanket my square 3 Autum blanket my square 2 Autum blanket my square 1

There are close-ups of all the squares on my flickr.

I’ve been knitting up a storm — so much so that I haven’t had a chance to photograph them! I’m 1/3 of the way done with a super secret project for my niece, I’ve got 1 last fingerless mitt to knit for Ian’s teacher (the set for the aide is finished), and the Dr. Who scarf is done — ends woven, tassels applied and all. Wait, that deserves a bigger to-do:


Anyone have any nifty ideas on how to photograph a 10+ foot scarf in an interesting way? I’d climb up on the roof if it wasn’t covered in ice (I like my neck unbroken, thank you very much).

I’m back to knitting that last mitt, but here are my random links. Other than the last one, they’re all knitting sites — two I’d never heard of are free sites I learned about on Ravelry (Ravelry rocks!). The Inside Loop, and Popknits. Then Garnstudio put out an advent of free patterns. Knitty’s winter issue is up!! Get thee to the site & check out my favorite — Stefanie Japel’s Therapi. Lots of other great patterns too — in keeping with Knitty’s “quirky” nature. This last link is to a woman singing about motherhood — it’s fantastic!

Happy knitting, and good luck making those Christmas deadlines!


3 thoughts on “Baby Knits…aka the 1 & 1/2 day baby sweater

  1. That sweater is adorable! And that blanket – to die for! Thanks for the links! The yarn arrived for me today to cast on Pointsettia from Knitty for my mama – not that I’ll get to it before the holidays per se…but I mean well!

  2. okay. the sweater is just adorable!!!!

    and the blanket! what a treasure your friend will have………..for many years. congrats on learning a new skill. crochet is something i still have never learned.

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