aiden is 4!

Of course my 2nd born would request a monster cake…it’s in keeping with his ferocious personality (I say that with affection — I truly do!).

aiden's monster cake

There’s no question it turned out a bit “homemade-y,” but he was thrilled. I was a hero, and that’s more than enough for any Mom! I was also excited to see that (for the first time ever), one of my kids smiled instead of crying (or yelling) when we sang the Birthday song.

aiden's birthday party

(No, we will not discuss the appropriateness of my husband wearing a bloody t-shirt at his son’s 4 year old birthday party *rollseyes*).

We will also not discuss the mess I make when baking…although this seems to have contributed to the boys’ quietness the morning after I decorated the cake. They snapped this picture while I was still in bed, and I am pretty sure there was more frosting in those containers before I passed out retired for the morning night.

monster mess

I am proud that I managed to make the natural/alternative food colorings I acquired at the last minute work, but I’m not overly impressed with them. Note to self: too much beet powder does not make frosting red (does anything???); it does, however, make the frosting taste like sweet beets…

Now I’m back to knitting Christmas gifts while dreaming of what will probably be my first after the holidays project for ME:

holly leg warmers

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but I am Short. Not SHORT, but definitely Short. I’m a good 5 foot 1/2 inch…with my shoes on. Year after year I have put up with snow on my pants, but as motherhood has set in, it’s gotten worse — there’s just no time to keep out of those whopping 6 inch snowdrifts. This year it has gotten so ridiculous that I have had to roll my pants up over my calves to keep myself from dripping all over when I arrive at my destination. So I am going to knit leg warmers. I intend to wear them over my boots and jeans, and then leave them on my boots while I triumphantly pull out my dry jean cuffs.

Before you ask, no I cannot tuck my pants into my boots. One, they don’t fit (think fat runners calves left over from high school), and two, every time I park beside a curb I have to step in drifts that are higher than that anyway.

I know I don’t have to justify knitting, well, anything, to the knitters out there reading this, but I’m sure my sisters (all younger & much more fashion conscious than me) will have some comments for me…not that it will matter. I am set on these leg warmers. And besides, I’m totally going to look as cute as this model in mine…minus the fishnet stockings, of course.


6 thoughts on “ROAR!

  1. happy birthday to your big guy!!!

    and you are a genius to knit the leg warmers. love the idea!
    and it looks like the model is wearing docs. still have mine. i love them.

  2. Awesome cake! The homemadey-ness of it is what makes it so cool. Those legwarmers are like adult “babylegs”. lol! You’ll be adorable.

  3. Thanks ladies — the pattern is in the Melanie Falick “Handknit Holidays” book I have. It may be my favorite knitting book (that isn’t a stitch pattern/reference book, that is). 🙂

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