Niece update

Final Update from my brother-in-law:

“Praise the Lord! While we dont know what caused the spike in white blood cells, the Drs. are confident that MaKayla is fine, and have discharged her. The stomach pain was caused by a backup in her GI system, and that may have been partly to blame for the spike. Thanks for your prayers – I firmly believe that God was present through this whole ordeal, and that without your faithfulness, the results would have been different! Thank you, and thank God for you!!!”

Thank you so much for all your notes here & on facebook. It was a scary day or two & I know my family & I appreciated your thoughts and prayers.

This is the email my brother in law just sent:

“Please be in prayer for MaKayla. We took her to the Drs. yesterday and were immediately sent to the ER. She was experiencing severe pain in her abdomen. With a VERY elevated white blood cell count (49000) the concern was appendicitis. This has been ruled out, for the most part, as of now – but this leaves us without a diagnosis.

Currently, we are at the hospital awaiting blood test results. As of last night, her white blood cell count was down to 26000, still double what it should be – but going in the right direction.

Thank you for your prayers.”

My mother called this morning & said that it looked like the antibiotics were doing their job & that some severe constipation was probably what exasperated it. They’re hoping to have her home tonight.

What a scare! Poor baby.



busted -- reading when i should be working!

socks & socks in progress!

Some mom’s do housework during the day…

But that just isn’t as much fun! 😉

Seriously though — I’ll clean tomorrow…promise! Especially since I finished both my socks & my “mystery project.” They’re Jess’s “goodbye” socks.

jess's socks 1

jess's socks 2

She’s leaving tomorrow to move back to her hometown (about 2 1/2 hours from me, so I’ll be making an unwelcome guest of myself semi-regularly!). I decided that the girl needed a pair of handknit socks, and since she hadn’t yet made herself any, it fell to me.

Yarn: Trekking XXL
Needles: 1 1/2 bamboo dpns
Pattern: my own — 72 sts…1×1 twisted rib cuff, 7×1 leg, eye of partridge heel flap, pheasant heel.

I am “stupid excited” about my Cables & Eyelets socks finally being finished. My biggest criticism is that they deserved to be longer in the leg. I’m sure I’ll knit them again — it’s an easy pattern to memorize. Pardon the ridiculous number of pics, I’m excited that my design came out so well!

cables & eyelets finished 2

cables & eyelets finished 5

cables & eyelets finished 3 cables & eyelets finished 1

cables & eyelets finished 4

On a more serious note, my 5 year old niece was admitted to the hospital today with a ridiculously high white cell count. They initially thought it was an appendicitis, but they’ve ruled that out. Last I heard, they were transferring her to Grand Rapids so they would have a Pediatric surgeon nearby. Please add her to your prayers. Maybe everytime you get to the end of a round or row?!



Don’t those pudgy little hands make you want to reach out and give him a bitty squeeze? So cute! He’s obsessed with tools right now — especially (of course) hammers; much to the detriment of his older brothers’ heads. Still, I can’t help but grin when I hear him ask for his “too.” Toddlers are so cool.

I want to take another minute to thank you all for your sympathy, empathy, and advice over the dentist issue. I found another dentist who is willing to give it a try & allows parents in the room. To clear things up, I’ll explain first that this isn’t something we can wait out; Aiden has a cavity that needs attending — he cannot eat on it & it hurts when the toothbrush touches it. For the local moms — I originally went to Hale & Hale. They were wonderful, but very set on not doing anything that might possibly upset him. If you know me, you probably know how non-interventionist I am & how highly I place my childrens’ emotional well-being. To me, this almost came off as they just plain didn’t want to do the procedure (sealing the tooth, which they said involved drying the tooth & placing cotton balls around it, then putting on the sealant, all painless if I’m understanding correctly) because they were sure he wouldn’t be comfortable with it. I thought I was close to talking him into it, but they weren’t really keen on me trying & certainly didn’t try to help me. I understand that they want to keep all memories/experiences at their office happy, but it strikes me a bit as refusing to discipline a child, then sending him off to your crazy family member who thinks a paddle with holes drilled in it is the only way to teach him. An exaggeration, I’m sure, but still.

So he’s going to another local dentist (recommended by a friend who has a similarly aged child), and we’ll see how it goes. I appreciate the comments about the Pediatric Dentists, but those are the ones who don’t allow parents (at least the few I spoke with), and that isn’t going to happen (with or without the papoose). At four years old, the only reason a child is going to be easier to deal with without parents is because he’s too afraid of what will happen if he doesn’t comply with the stranger’s every demand. Anyhow, I’ll give you an update in a week or so after his appt. And to prove there are no hard feelings about Hale & Hale (which has rave reviews everywhere), I’m going there myself on Monday to finally get my own teeth taken care of. Okay…dead horse has been beaten enough.

On to the knitting! I finally got some pics of my scarf set, although I’m not all that pleased with most of them (the pics — I’m enjoying the FOs daily).

my hat
Hat. Too deep, but that’s handy when my hair is in a ponytail or bun — it still keeps my ears warm.

my scarf
Scarf — Sorry about the crummy photo…the scarf ended up 6ish feet plus tassels. It wraps twice around my neck easily — very warm.

left fingerless mitt right fingerless mitts
Fingerless Mitts. The first time I wore these, I realized something serious. It’s too cold to wear mittens that don’t cover my entire hand right now! Still, they’re nice & cozy — and definitely better than no mittens at all! I re-knit the first one at least 3 times and could not, for the life of me, decide on the cable pattern. So I finally just started on the left one. I tried my new cable & was pretty happy with it, so I kept it. I didn’t like it enough to re-knit the original mitt, though. Lazy me!

cables & eyelets
I’m so excited — I only have to knit the toe on these, and then I’ll be finished! These came out great — my only complaint is that they deserved a longer leg. I think I’ll knit these again.

I’ll have another pic for you this week, but for now it will remain a secret… 😉

Enjoy a few more cute kid pics, and maybe take a look at the CPSC clarification of that new lead testing law. It’s a bit better, but it still totally screws all the small businesses who sell kids stuff — my Etsy days are over if it doesn’t change, that’s for sure.

spencer & jam

ian & aiden gingerbread

Thank You

Thank you all for the support. I called my husband afterward & he, the eternal joker, was just as astounded & irritated as I was. “I guess we’ll just find another dentist, then,” he said. It was wonderful to have that validation from him. I’ve since canceled that appt. (after politely asking them to make an exception & being refused) and attempted to make an appt. at another office only to be faced with the same problem. That office said that they did occasionally make exceptions — if the child was 3 or younger!

After talking to a friend of mine, I have a possible reason behind it. Apparently some offices use something called a “papoose” — basically they strap the kid to the chair so he (she) can’t move his body or legs & arms. The dental hygienist telling her about it finished up by saying, “so they don’t like to let the parents back to see it — they tend to get upset.” I cannot even tell you how disturbing I find this. Suffice to say I’ll drive hours to a Doctor/Dentist who treats children like people.

While ranting to my Mom, she commented on the Dentist I mentioned — she apparently stopped going & taking us there after he patted/slapped her butt when she was on her way out after a cleaning one day. Oy. She was a bit upset when I told her about the thigh pat/touching — I guess we never told her when we were kids. Of course that’s even more disturbing from the (parental) view I have now. She cracked me up when she said “but he played Christian music in the waiting room!” Um. Yea. I told her that hit a little too close to the whole “Catholic priest & choir boy” thing to me!

Anyhow, I’ll find the boy a good dentist if I have to call every number in the book. One who doesn’t put a few minutes of his/her time & convenience before the safety and well-being of a small child.


Why, Why, WHY

Why does the professional world feel the need to discount a parent’s place so totally? I am sick and @%$^^%^ tired of doctors rolling their eyes when I choose to come with my 1 year old into the room where they will be performing painful tests. And I cannot understand why anyone in their right minds would think it’s okay to expect a parent to relinquish their 4 year old to a strange dentist to have a scary and unfamiliar procedure done. Is it that far out there to not want to trust someone I don’t know with one of my fragile babies who cannot yet reliably speak for himself? And why should I trust this person? What are they doing that I can’t watch?

I understand there are situations where a parent makes the necessary procedure, etc. more difficult, but not all parents or children are that way. I’m just not comfortable with someone taking such a young child into a room & closing the door & not allowing the parent in. I’m just not. And it makes me so angry that I’m boxed in like this. What do I do? Allow my child to have a painful cavity for the next however many years until it falls or rots out?

This is making me sick to my stomach and I don’t know what to do. What the #^&* is the matter with this world where parents aren’t allowed to protect their children.

And what comes of it? The Doctor/Dentist/Teacher whatever gets a minute or two of convenience and the parent all the heartache, worry & regret. People of authority everywhere are abusing children left and right. Hell, the dentist I went to liked to rub my & my sisters’ teen-aged thighs when he was chatting and cleaning/filling our teeth.

WTF I just want to hit something. Hard.

Random Links…

I have a gorgeous scarf, hat & fingerless mitt set I finally, finally knit for myself to blog about. Unfortunately, I’m too harried to photograph it during the day & to lazy to dig my light box out at night…I’ll get it done soon; promise!

In the meantime, though, my web-surfing has turned up a plethora of interesting & outrageous links for your (and my, of course) enjoyment.

On the knitting front:

Must Knit Now is a wonderful lady I stumbled upon via Ravelry. I’m seriously in love with her Wendy Lu Who stockings — and so many of her other original designs (check out the up-north boot socks). Next is what looks like a gorgeous sock club — Hazel Knits. I’m sorely tempted — it’s between this and 3IG (assuming either have any spots by the time I have any money!). If any of you are Cookie A. fans, you’ll be delighted to see this teaser (warning: pdf) for her new/first book! I’m totally geeked.

While spending a fantastic 2 hours without my darling children at Barnes & Noble, I stumbled upon this wonderful knitting magazine – Verena. I’m only coveting approximately 1/2 of the projects from the fall & winter issues (I looked them up on Ravelry — the summer one is slightly less exciting). I’ll be subscribing to this magazine soon, for sure — I’m a sucker for all that cable-y goodness!

My last link/subject is one I just found tonight (links sprinkled randomly). It’s about the new mandatory lead testing law that has passed. I’m incredibly stunned at the short-sightedness of the people who wrote & passed this thing. The repercussions to the second-hand and indie markets are…unspeakable. I’m too stunned to say much more — I simply cannot believe that this won’t be amended or just scrapped & rewritten all together. I can’t do other than have faith that people really aren’t that stupid. Ugh. You can contact the CPSIA (they’re also soliciting comments here — another pdf file), and contact your local Senator or Representative to speak your mind. Please do; I will be, as soon as I can gather my thoughts enough to be coherent (You are a bunch of idiots is probably not constructive).

Seriously. Can you imagine — every single childrens item — not just toys, but books, clothing, etc. having to be tested in resale shops. By a third party testing company, no less (not that 3rd party testing is bad, just prohibitively expensive). Under this law it would be illegal for you to sell your kids’ clothing in garage sales. Seriously. Come on, people. I believe it stated that donating it to charity is also illegal — dude; the landfills will explode. Seriously.