Random Links…

I have a gorgeous scarf, hat & fingerless mitt set I finally, finally knit for myself to blog about. Unfortunately, I’m too harried to photograph it during the day & to lazy to dig my light box out at night…I’ll get it done soon; promise!

In the meantime, though, my web-surfing has turned up a plethora of interesting & outrageous links for your (and my, of course) enjoyment.

On the knitting front:

Must Knit Now is a wonderful lady I stumbled upon via Ravelry. I’m seriously in love with her Wendy Lu Who stockings — and so many of her other original designs (check out the up-north boot socks). Next is what looks like a gorgeous sock club — Hazel Knits. I’m sorely tempted — it’s between this and 3IG (assuming either have any spots by the time I have any money!). If any of you are Cookie A. fans, you’ll be delighted to see this teaser (warning: pdf) for her new/first book! I’m totally geeked.

While spending a fantastic 2 hours without my darling children at Barnes & Noble, I stumbled upon this wonderful knitting magazine – Verena. I’m only coveting approximately 1/2 of the projects from the fall & winter issues (I looked them up on Ravelry — the summer one is slightly less exciting). I’ll be subscribing to this magazine soon, for sure — I’m a sucker for all that cable-y goodness!

My last link/subject is one I just found tonight (links sprinkled randomly). It’s about the new mandatory lead testing law that has passed. I’m incredibly stunned at the short-sightedness of the people who wrote & passed this thing. The repercussions to the second-hand and indie markets are…unspeakable. I’m too stunned to say much more — I simply cannot believe that this won’t be amended or just scrapped & rewritten all together. I can’t do other than have faith that people really aren’t that stupid. Ugh. You can contact the CPSIA (they’re also soliciting comments here — another pdf file), and contact your local Senator or Representative to speak your mind. Please do; I will be, as soon as I can gather my thoughts enough to be coherent (You are a bunch of idiots is probably not constructive).

Seriously. Can you imagine — every single childrens item — not just toys, but books, clothing, etc. having to be tested in resale shops. By a third party testing company, no less (not that 3rd party testing is bad, just prohibitively expensive). Under this law it would be illegal for you to sell your kids’ clothing in garage sales. Seriously. Come on, people. I believe it stated that donating it to charity is also illegal — dude; the landfills will explode. Seriously.


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