Why, Why, WHY

Why does the professional world feel the need to discount a parent’s place so totally? I am sick and @%$^^%^ tired of doctors rolling their eyes when I choose to come with my 1 year old into the room where they will be performing painful tests. And I cannot understand why anyone in their right minds would think it’s okay to expect a parent to relinquish their 4 year old to a strange dentist to have a scary and unfamiliar procedure done. Is it that far out there to not want to trust someone I don’t know with one of my fragile babies who cannot yet reliably speak for himself? And why should I trust this person? What are they doing that I can’t watch?

I understand there are situations where a parent makes the necessary procedure, etc. more difficult, but not all parents or children are that way. I’m just not comfortable with someone taking such a young child into a room & closing the door & not allowing the parent in. I’m just not. And it makes me so angry that I’m boxed in like this. What do I do? Allow my child to have a painful cavity for the next however many years until it falls or rots out?

This is making me sick to my stomach and I don’t know what to do. What the #^&* is the matter with this world where parents aren’t allowed to protect their children.

And what comes of it? The Doctor/Dentist/Teacher whatever gets a minute or two of convenience and the parent all the heartache, worry & regret. People of authority everywhere are abusing children left and right. Hell, the dentist I went to liked to rub my & my sisters’ teen-aged thighs when he was chatting and cleaning/filling our teeth.

WTF I just want to hit something. Hard.


5 thoughts on “Why, Why, WHY

  1. who do you go to? My dentist never balks at me staying with the kids. We haven’t had to have any of the major stuff, but I can’t see it being any different. I always ask where I can sit/stand where I’ll be out of their way.
    BTW, when I was a kid, my (then) dentist–slapped me once. That’s not the guy we see now though just to be clear. E-mail me and I’ll let you know who I use here in town.

  2. to hell with them – you just do what you have to do. I am totally not leaving my kids with anyone I don’t know – period. I supervise sex offenders – they are the most normal, pro-social looking and acting people. If they admit they are perps they’ll even tell you so – how good they are at grooming – so I say – heck with the dentist!

  3. I would never leave my child alone with someone I didn’t absolutely know and trust – that goes for my kids from birth and all the way to my 12yo. I especially wouldn’t want them alone in a situation that is stressful for them. Just so you know, you have a legal right to be there.

  4. It can be really hard to find a dentist that will let you back. If you find a local group you could ask because we only have one in the area and I found him through a local moms group.

  5. I can relate to your experience as well as to say you are doing the right thing! When my little girl was 18mos old she had some cavities that needed to be cared for. I went around to a number of dentists for information on what they would do about it. I was absolutely flabergasted when one told me I could not come into the room with my daughter! I walked right out of there. The one we found, let my daughter sit in my lap on the chair while examining her. Finding a child friendly dentist was not easy, but well worth it. In the end she was hospitalized to be “put under” while she had her teeth fixed. Of course in a hospital they would not let Mommy in the room either, but by this time I had a bit of trust, and she was “asleep”. Keep looking, you’ll find someone!

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