Niece update

Final Update from my brother-in-law:

“Praise the Lord! While we dont know what caused the spike in white blood cells, the Drs. are confident that MaKayla is fine, and have discharged her. The stomach pain was caused by a backup in her GI system, and that may have been partly to blame for the spike. Thanks for your prayers – I firmly believe that God was present through this whole ordeal, and that without your faithfulness, the results would have been different! Thank you, and thank God for you!!!”

Thank you so much for all your notes here & on facebook. It was a scary day or two & I know my family & I appreciated your thoughts and prayers.

This is the email my brother in law just sent:

“Please be in prayer for MaKayla. We took her to the Drs. yesterday and were immediately sent to the ER. She was experiencing severe pain in her abdomen. With a VERY elevated white blood cell count (49000) the concern was appendicitis. This has been ruled out, for the most part, as of now – but this leaves us without a diagnosis.

Currently, we are at the hospital awaiting blood test results. As of last night, her white blood cell count was down to 26000, still double what it should be – but going in the right direction.

Thank you for your prayers.”

My mother called this morning & said that it looked like the antibiotics were doing their job & that some severe constipation was probably what exasperated it. They’re hoping to have her home tonight.

What a scare! Poor baby.


3 thoughts on “Niece update

  1. Thank God she’s okay. We watched the grandbaby on Monday for the kids. I called Monday evening & got an update from Rick. She told me that little Mikey was doing better. Praise the Lord for keeping his little ones safe!

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