Revisiting The Past

I found this:

post tonight, as I was scrolling through old content. It’s at once pathetic & inspiring to remember that it’s been like this before & I lived through it. I think I was more eloquent then. Now I don’t have anything left to type after I admit to wanting to throw things…


What?! I’ve been busy!

what?  it's a good book!
Ha-ha! Seriously though, I’ve been knitting. I just can’t show you yet (isn’t that so lame?) Of course, if I stopped reading awesome knitting books and playing on facebook, I could probably get the knitting done, so that I could show you!

At this point, I’ve finished one baby sweater, cast on for a matching hat, and am about 1/3 of the way done with the other baby sweater (you know…the one I’m knitting with laceweight on 2’s! Oy!). I’m terribly pleased with both of them, which makes it even harder to not show off! We’re also knitting squares for a baby blanket for one of our playgroup mamas, so expect me to be belly-achin’ about doing all the joining next week, lol.

Just so no one goes into knitting picture withdrawl, I do have one FO to show off! I finished my sister’s (birthday) fingerless mitts. It’s the same pattern I used for (another sister) Ellen’s at Christmas, so it wasn’t the most exciting knit for me — but they photographed wonderfully (yet another sister) — RikkiDawn modeled them for me. The pattern is written up in my notes on the Ravelry page that shows the 1st knit pair.

toinette's fingerless mitts

I also had the chance to whip up a few napkins as a thank you to my wonderful neighbor…she graciously let us invade when I (not so intelligently) locked myself out of my house…

look ma!  i sewed!
I will never be an accomplished seamstress, but still — just the pretty fabrics make it fun! I may need to get back into a little sewing…as soon as I shovel out the craft room, that is!

Other than that, I have a pile of birthday pictures from my oldest’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

the whole birthday crew

Ian is 6 now! I can’t believe it…it makes me feel kinda old, lol. Anyway, he had a great time with his brother & friends. We kept the party small (he had separate “family” parties), so Mama & Papa wouldn’t have to remortgage the house to pay for the party, & it turned out to be a great choice. No tantrums, lost children, or huge headaches (although there were certainly some little ones!). It was fun to spoil them a bit.

the birthday boy - ian is 6!

aiden & chuck e. cheese spencer -- his birthday is in 2 weeks!
Yes, I am aware that Aiden is badly in need of a haircut! I think it will be happening soon. 🙂

boys after my own heart...
They totally get their love of air hockey from me! My buddy MB and I used to play constantly. 🙂

This next picture is completely ridiculous. One of the boys took it (probably Aiden — he’s the one always playing with the camera) — it’s Spencer’s little pudge feet in the picture. I don’t know why, but I think it’s a perfect photo. Maybe it’s the lighting, or the angle…I dunno. It just says “childhood” to me, you know?

it's wierd, i know...i love this photo
See? But I love it anyway. It may become my Ravelry avatar someday soon…lol.

I’m on borrowed time here, as Spencer will probably be waking soon, but I’ve accumulated some random links (surprise, surprise, right?).

A friend passed this link to a charity knit-a-block blanket last week. I have a new blog buddy, Coffee and 4 Kids; you may have “met” her already, if you click through any of my comments. I’ll be adding her blog to the blogroll soon. I was wandering about Etsy the other day and found a whole slew of gorgeous jewelry designers. This one necklace really caught my eye. I’m seriously lusting after it! lol It would make a fantastic Mother’s Day present, no? 😉

sharin' snacks...
You knew I’d have to toss in one last gratuitous cute baby shot, right? Spencer is so cute in his hat (and crossed legs! lol), sharing snacks with his cousin, Haley. Much better than when he throws the snacks at her, right?

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Look, Ma — I’m early! Only because my oldest son’s Kindergarten party was today, though.

I cannot tell you how ridiculous I felt cutting out 40+ cheese hearts…but my little boy smiled & said “cool” when I showed him. What more could a Momma ask for?

There has been much knitting going on, I’ll have pictures soon. It’s hard when they’re gifts — it nearly kills me not to show progress pics when they’re as pretty as these!

I do have a few links to share, though. They’re pretty random this week…although since I usually call them “random links” I suppose that isn’t much of a surprise, huh? First up is an interesting method of potato growing…what can I say — this warm snap has me thinking spring! Then, in honor of my successful visit to the Dentist last week (LOVE Hale & Hale!!), a link on Mercury amalgam removal. I have no idea if this next one is a good link or not…I haven’t watched it yet! It’s called I.O.U.S.A. The title seems pretty self-explanatory.

Next up is a link to the Blogs of one of my favorite shows — Top Chef. And can I just say that I am soooo glad Leah is finally gone?! THAT was long overdue! 🙂 Lastly, is two links on the whole Lead Testing law thing. They’ve actually decided to issue a one year “stay of enforcement” on the testing law; which is GOOD. If anything you sell is found to be beyond the safety standards you’re still liable, of course. They will (hopefully) spend this year finding out a way to enforce testing in such a way that every small business that creates things for children won’t be bankrupted!

Well, I think that’s everything, unless you’re a member of Ravelry & a fan of the USA show, Psych. In that case, you should definitely check out the swap I’m organizing. Quickly, because the last day for sign-ups is Sunday!