The Forbidden is so alluring…

pirate sweater
Not only because I wasn’t supposed to start another project, but because I probably shouldn’t be blogging about this baby sweater either, but too bad! I love this thing! I may be lured over to the dark side of knitting…you know, the kind that requires seaming, lol. I’m using Berroco Touche yarn (50/50 Cotton/Rayon-Modal) & it’s very soft, although a bit splitty.

Who knows…maybe I’ll actually knit some of these for my own kids…imagine that — knitting for my own children. 😉


We have at least 3…

different kinds of blocks in this house.

tower of bowls

Little goober, anyway. 😉 This is actually going to pretty much be a post full of little goobers… I had my first call home from school last week…but it was good!

Ian 2

I cannot tell you how my heart swelled — not necessarily pride at his accomplishment — (not that I’m not proud), but from his sweet, shy pride. He was so excited and embarrassed. The day after the call we went to school early to take these pics (he insisted on the shirt and tie!)…then we went into the office to read the story that won him the award. It was quite…unexpected. 4 sentences long; 4 pages long. Every bit of each page colored in, because, he explained to me, “it’s all underwater.” The subject? Crab traps.

I love this kid.

I’m finding it nice to dwell on this cuteness, (which is much easier to do at 11pm at night when they’re all tucked up nicely sleeping), as life has been a bit difficult of late. It all goes in waves though, so hopefully we’re headed toward the upswing — it certainly looks like the weather will be, so I’ll keep striving for the positive, if I can!

I did get something last week that helped…

knitpicks love

Knitpicks!! 3 different colors from their “kettle dyed” series of sock yarns, one of the self striping, then a black, gray and cream for Tim’s argyle socks. I grabbed another pair of size 7 straights, as I gave my last pair away to a mama in playgroup who we recently forced to learn to knit, lol. And do you see those little needles up top, there? They’re 4 inch glove knitting needles! Awesome! Also pictured are another pair of size 1’s for MLing socks, a yarn cutter (knitpicks own — much cheaper!), and a couple “knit checks” that include sizing holes for both size 1’s and 2’s — as well as going up to something like size 17.

This is my 3rd Knitpicks order in the last couple months, so I reassured my husband that I was done. Of course, that was before the email today stating that all their sock books are 40% off…and there were 2 books in the top couple rows of their pics that I WANT. Ugh…it’s like they just know which little buttons to push…lol Stay tuned to see how my self control holds out… 😉

I’m on borrowed time now, the baby is due to wake anytime now, but I wanted to toss out the random links I had accumulated… first up is a nifty local article about knitting, next is an awesome local (well, within the state!) article about breastfeeding. That was just way cool.

And one last cute kids shot — the boys kept trying to do the “4 hands, one body” thing…they failed mostly, but oh…how sweet they are!

my boys

PS…thanks for bearing with me on the repeat armwarmers post — I actually linked it to Ravelry and am now a “designer!” 🙂 It’s a cool feeling — to date, 9 people have queued the pattern! 🙂 🙂

Picot & Lace Armwarmers

toinette's fingerless mitts

You may remember these armwarmers from Christmas. Upon seeing the ones I knit for my youngest sister, another one begged, pleaded, & demanded a pair for herself as a Birthday gift. I’ve also taken this opportunity to write up the pattern and post it…although I could have sworn I’d already done that!

Without further ado:

Yarn: Paton’s Classic Merino Wool in black & brown. Perhaps half a skein of the brown (although I doubt even that much) and maybe a handful of yards of the black.

Needles: Size 7 dpns

R= round

CO 40 sts in black, join for knitting in the round (R)
k2 R
*k2tog, yo*
k3 R

change to brown

K2 R, then:

R1: K7, yo, ssk, k3, yo, ssk, K rest of round
R2: K7 k2tog, yo, k3, k2tog, yo, k rest of round

Repeat these 2 rounds until 9 1/2 inches from the picot yo/k2tog round.

At the same time:

at 3, 4 & 5 inches:

3 inches: k4, ssk, k1, k pattern above, k1, k2tog
4 inches: k3, ssk, k1, k pattern above, k1, k2tog
5 inches: k2, ssk, k1, k pattern above, k1, k2tog

At 9 1/2 inches, k17 sts (keeping to pattern), BO 4 sts (On the 2nd mitt, you will K29 (keeping to pattern), then BO4, k1). At the next round CO 4 sts using the backward loop cast on.

Continue knitting in pattern, repeating decrease pattern at 1 & 2 inches past thumb hole.

K1 round, switch to black.

K1 round, but at pattern decrease do as follows: k2tog, k3, k2tog. K rest of round

K 2 more rounds
K picot round: *k2tog, yo*
k 2 more rounds
BO all sts.

Sew picots down, weave in ends & enjoy!

Edited on May 6, 2009…Missyfee seems to be the first person to knit & post pictures of these armwarmers on Ravelry. She edited the pattern for dk weight yarn & to be knit from the fingers and up the arm, then she kindly posted the details here. Enjoy!


Not by a (or “the”) bug…but something much more sinister…


I’ve been passing by this book for months now, and I just couldn’t resist a moment longer! I just hope my hopes aren’t set too high, since everyone always raves about the series.

On the knitting front, I have plans. And by plans, I mean Plans. My dear husband sent me this link last week with the words “Do you have the skills to make socks like this?” Of course, good little wife that I am, I’ve had this chart downloaded & printed for at least a year…I’ve just needed to downsize it a bit to make the skulls smaller.

Tim also sent me this “Beardhead” link, but somehow I doubt he’d ever wear it. lol Of course if I don’t finish my forever-dragging-on baby sweaters (and I added one to the queue), I’ll never get to starting anything else!

On a brighter note, both Twist Collective and Knitty have their spring issues out. So many great things, although I don’t think I saw any “must haves” in the spring Knitty this time. I’m absolutely in love with Netherfield from TC — don’t they look like little bittie dragonflies? LOVE them!

And on a *still brighter* note, I received packages from two of the swaps I was part of! I was well and truly “spoiled.” A couple of my knitterly (but not so much swapping) friends were here when I opened this one, and I think they understand the draw to swap, now…

mdc mboy feb/mar 09
Each item had a note attached and there was a sting that you pulled once you opened a “door” in the box, so one thing at a time emerged — it was very cute!

My boys were there when I opened the 2nd box, and they were thrilled to get to help unwind the “magic” yarn ball. I snapped a bunch of photos for the ravelry thread (this was the Psych swap — thus the pineapple theme)…the little written note is a quote from the show. 🙂

psych swap 5

psych swap 4 psych swap 1

psych swap 2

psych swap 3
My spoiler was sweet enough to include a small toy for each boy…I think this is what really fuels their interest in my yarny swaps. 😉

My other recent acquisitions include some Harry Potter sock yarn for my sister — I’ve already gotten started on these — just a simple stockinette sock, but so pretty. 🙂

yarn for sis' socks

I also treated myself to another skein of the absolutely beautiful Misti Alpaca…I’ve told my friend to smack me if I start any other “other people” knitting (other than what I already have “scheduled”). I think this yarn will be first up — either a super simple lace shawl (eek, I said “lace”!), or a pair of socks for me — but this yarn is so fine it would *have* to be on 0’s…(sorry about the annoying glare on the label!).

More Misti Alpaca

That’s all for tonight — I’ve got a baby blanket to finish crochet-trimming, then another sleepless night with a squirmy two year old to look forward to. Perhaps I’ll keep looking at this photo of him wearing and playing with some of his favorite birthday presents, and feel more kind.

spencer's b-day

And re-reading this article to remind me that what I’m doing is *supposed* to be time consuming and stressful; and it *is* important.

It’s Somethin’!

pineapple washclothes front

These are for a swap I’m doing on Ravelry…they were the perfect “I cannot stand trying to figure out how to knit these never ending baby sweaters for one more second” knitting. 😉

And look; even the backs look good!

pineapple washclothes back

Well…except for the white one, lol!