Not by a (or “the”) bug…but something much more sinister…


I’ve been passing by this book for months now, and I just couldn’t resist a moment longer! I just hope my hopes aren’t set too high, since everyone always raves about the series.

On the knitting front, I have plans. And by plans, I mean Plans. My dear husband sent me this link last week with the words “Do you have the skills to make socks like this?” Of course, good little wife that I am, I’ve had this chart downloaded & printed for at least a year…I’ve just needed to downsize it a bit to make the skulls smaller.

Tim also sent me this “Beardhead” link, but somehow I doubt he’d ever wear it. lol Of course if I don’t finish my forever-dragging-on baby sweaters (and I added one to the queue), I’ll never get to starting anything else!

On a brighter note, both Twist Collective and Knitty have their spring issues out. So many great things, although I don’t think I saw any “must haves” in the spring Knitty this time. I’m absolutely in love with Netherfield from TC — don’t they look like little bittie dragonflies? LOVE them!

And on a *still brighter* note, I received packages from two of the swaps I was part of! I was well and truly “spoiled.” A couple of my knitterly (but not so much swapping) friends were here when I opened this one, and I think they understand the draw to swap, now…

mdc mboy feb/mar 09
Each item had a note attached and there was a sting that you pulled once you opened a “door” in the box, so one thing at a time emerged — it was very cute!

My boys were there when I opened the 2nd box, and they were thrilled to get to help unwind the “magic” yarn ball. I snapped a bunch of photos for the ravelry thread (this was the Psych swap — thus the pineapple theme)…the little written note is a quote from the show. 🙂

psych swap 5

psych swap 4 psych swap 1

psych swap 2

psych swap 3
My spoiler was sweet enough to include a small toy for each boy…I think this is what really fuels their interest in my yarny swaps. 😉

My other recent acquisitions include some Harry Potter sock yarn for my sister — I’ve already gotten started on these — just a simple stockinette sock, but so pretty. 🙂

yarn for sis' socks

I also treated myself to another skein of the absolutely beautiful Misti Alpaca…I’ve told my friend to smack me if I start any other “other people” knitting (other than what I already have “scheduled”). I think this yarn will be first up — either a super simple lace shawl (eek, I said “lace”!), or a pair of socks for me — but this yarn is so fine it would *have* to be on 0’s…(sorry about the annoying glare on the label!).

More Misti Alpaca

That’s all for tonight — I’ve got a baby blanket to finish crochet-trimming, then another sleepless night with a squirmy two year old to look forward to. Perhaps I’ll keep looking at this photo of him wearing and playing with some of his favorite birthday presents, and feel more kind.

spencer's b-day

And re-reading this article to remind me that what I’m doing is *supposed* to be time consuming and stressful; and it *is* important.