We have at least 3…

different kinds of blocks in this house.

tower of bowls

Little goober, anyway. 😉 This is actually going to pretty much be a post full of little goobers… I had my first call home from school last week…but it was good!

Ian 2

I cannot tell you how my heart swelled — not necessarily pride at his accomplishment — (not that I’m not proud), but from his sweet, shy pride. He was so excited and embarrassed. The day after the call we went to school early to take these pics (he insisted on the shirt and tie!)…then we went into the office to read the story that won him the award. It was quite…unexpected. 4 sentences long; 4 pages long. Every bit of each page colored in, because, he explained to me, “it’s all underwater.” The subject? Crab traps.

I love this kid.

I’m finding it nice to dwell on this cuteness, (which is much easier to do at 11pm at night when they’re all tucked up nicely sleeping), as life has been a bit difficult of late. It all goes in waves though, so hopefully we’re headed toward the upswing — it certainly looks like the weather will be, so I’ll keep striving for the positive, if I can!

I did get something last week that helped…

knitpicks love

Knitpicks!! 3 different colors from their “kettle dyed” series of sock yarns, one of the self striping, then a black, gray and cream for Tim’s argyle socks. I grabbed another pair of size 7 straights, as I gave my last pair away to a mama in playgroup who we recently forced to learn to knit, lol. And do you see those little needles up top, there? They’re 4 inch glove knitting needles! Awesome! Also pictured are another pair of size 1’s for MLing socks, a yarn cutter (knitpicks own — much cheaper!), and a couple “knit checks” that include sizing holes for both size 1’s and 2’s — as well as going up to something like size 17.

This is my 3rd Knitpicks order in the last couple months, so I reassured my husband that I was done. Of course, that was before the email today stating that all their sock books are 40% off…and there were 2 books in the top couple rows of their pics that I WANT. Ugh…it’s like they just know which little buttons to push…lol Stay tuned to see how my self control holds out… 😉

I’m on borrowed time now, the baby is due to wake anytime now, but I wanted to toss out the random links I had accumulated… first up is a nifty local article about knitting, next is an awesome local (well, within the state!) article about breastfeeding. That was just way cool.

And one last cute kids shot — the boys kept trying to do the “4 hands, one body” thing…they failed mostly, but oh…how sweet they are!

my boys

PS…thanks for bearing with me on the repeat armwarmers post — I actually linked it to Ravelry and am now a “designer!” 🙂 It’s a cool feeling — to date, 9 people have queued the pattern! 🙂 🙂