When two socks are not a pair

2 socks, but not a pair!

Yarn: Happy Feet
Needles: size 1 (the smaller ones, not the 1 1/2’s)
Pattern: loosely based upon the Harris Tweed socks
Feet: one of mine, one of Spencers!

This yarn comes in 50 gr. balls, so after realizing that I look ridiculous in socks that end mid-calf, I unraveled back to my perfect length (which is the exact same length as the foot of my sock when I fold it at the heel), and knit a Spencer sock. He was so geeked about it that when he caught me at the computer (on facebook. again.), he demanded, “Mama! Knit! Me sock!” lol I’ve created a monster (but the best kind!).

I also finally put the buttons on my friend Holly’s baby sweater. Her daughter’s name is Ivy, so the color was quite appropriate, although incidental. These were the greens that did not end up in her baby blanket! She would have had it weeks ago, but the matching hat did not behave nicely, so it was sent to “time out” many, many times. It was supposed to be all creme colored, but it was too small, when I reknit it, I ran out of yarn — then it was supposed to be a sunhat, but I couldn’t get that to work either. Finally we came to an understanding that included me knitting five small flower petals, which only took a minute or two each, and then sewing them on — which took quite a few minutes each (ugh, lol). But the effect was pretty, and Holly was happy, so it’s all good!

Baby Ivy's sweater & hat

The sides really do match up — it’s just my crummy photography that made it look wonky!

We’ve had a day of firsts here, or rather, Ian has! We finally got our act together and (Tim) put the training wheels on the bikes we picked up last fall, so…

1st "big kid" bike!

Aiden also tried a bike, but after not picking it up within the first 4.2 seconds he decided it was “stupid” and wanted to play video games (no, he doesn’t take after my husband at all… ;)). Ian also had another first — look at this!

1st tooth missing!

Which reminds me…after a few random links, I need to go discuss with my husband how generous the tooth fairy is going to be. There will be a precedent set tonight…3 kids X 20+ teeth…this is an important decision!

Random Links:

The most unexpectedly amazing singer. A woman I presume to call a friend with the most beautiful flickr pics (many of fantastic knitted/crafted projects!). Interweave Knits summer preview (some very knit-able pieces in there, imho). The Michigan Fiber arts fair…but not til the end of the summer! And an article about a fantastic program for teaching middle schoolers about the “real world.” (That one is a facebook link, not sure how it will work for those who aren’t members, sorry!).

G’night…and keep the house paint color suggestions coming! I liked maroon, but Tim immediately rolled his eyes when I told him…then again, that was probably mostly because he doesn’t want to paint at all! lol


Sexy, ain’t it?

biking pants

I had this elaborate plan to combat jeans-in-the-chain that included the sewing machine and homemade velcro panels…then I looked down at the (totally un-cool) “scrunchie” (that I embarrass my younger sisters by still using) and the 30 second fix was borne. Way easier (although it does garner some strange looks at the video store on the way home…

I don’t think it really matters though; people give me strange looks anyway…well, to be truthful, they’re usually more like pity as I huff along! lol


I don’t know what I’m going to do when the boys top out the weight restrictions (if I don’t keel over first…I’m going to have to start checking to see which way the wind is coming from to make sure I don’t have to pedal into it uphill ever…EVER again! lol) It sure is worth it to know that not only do I get exercise, but the boys get to have a good time too!

boys @ playground

ian @ playground

aiden @ playground

spencer @ playground

They had a blast at Ian’s school playground…and I even got to take a picture of the pirate sweater all finished up:

pirate sweater

Many thanks to Rachael for doing the seaming for me!! I wonder if I can get her to weave in all the ends on the flower I just knit for a baby hat…hmmmm 😉 Just kidding!

So, after heading back home we played outdoors some more (I swear I didn’t make him wear the helmet — I can’t get him to take the thing off!), and I started obsessing about the (ugly) house color…

boys w/ chalk

spencer on his trike

Any suggestions on a color to paint the trim so we don’t have to paint the entire house over (which is NOT in the budget right now)?

ugly house colors

Self-Control 0 — Fun ####

So I’ve thrown my self-control out the window (ahem, with regard to knitting projects, that is…). I’ve hit a couple snags in my “obligatory” knitting, so I’m setting it aside. I’m having a great time — I’ve finished the pirate sweater (well, other than the ends weaving, which is almost 1/2 way done), and I started a pair of socks for me!

My lovely friend Michelle bought me some sock yarn to thank me for plying her with (badly taught) knitting lessons & a baby sweater that I’d never managed to force on anyone before (it was my first sweater ever!). So instead of being responsible on Sunday, I spent a relaxing 20 minutes of my ride to my MIL’s house hand winding the first skein of the pretty yarn, then (with a glance at the Knitty page Judy’s Magic Cast On) I cast on for a pair of toe-up socks to use every speck of this fun & soft, squishy yarn! I’m using the stitch pattern from the Harris Tweed Socks but that’s all. I’m knitting them over 64 sts, toe-up with this short-row heel. This is Sunday night’s photo, I’m actually past the heel now (the joys of a size 5 foot). What a nice treat!

Happy Feet yarn

The next bit of fun was finally unveiling Holly’s baby blanket…both her pre and post (playgroup) baby showers were canceled — 1 because of baby arriving, and the other because of sick children. So we gave up and just had an impromptu opening at playgroup last week. She was super excited!

Holly and baby blanket


DSCF1686 DSCF1680

DSCF1666 DSCF1660

DSCF1657 DSCF1654

I posted close-ups of only the squares I knit (so-as not to take credit for everyone else’s wonderful work!), but all the squares are on my Flickr. I crocheted the squares together and did the border (with the exception of the green rounds — the blanket and I needed a break from another, so Rachael did that one). I did the embroidery on the top two squares, while Rachael did the bottom two. Rachael also blocked and attached the backing — which, in my opinion, were the hardest and most vital parts of this blanket! All those slightly different sized squares….

Last, I have a picture I’m posting solely for my sister’s benefit. She was slightly scarred by my children’s disappointment over one of the Christmas presents she made (at my request!)…PJs — she felt like the lame auntie. So when she bought Spencer a hat for his birthday & he was less than excited, she felt bad again. Well…feel bad no more, sis!

Spencer happy with hat!

He asked for the hat to be put on & everything!

And just to torture myself a bit, allow me to post the beautiful drop spindle I found on Etsy last week. Isn’t it gorgeous? Unfortunately, we are now on a complete “spending freeze” here at home (darn car needing well over $1000 in unexpected work…). I’m also going to be forced into self-control & miss out on the Knitpicks 40% off sock knitting books sale. 😦 Poor me (yea…with my piles of books, yarns, etc. already..it’s okay, you can roll your eyes, too!).

PS Lest anyone think I am resenting my baby sweater making…I am not! I am just stressed because I am, of course, knitting to my own made up pattern, and have run into some issues. My biggest problem is that I’m afraid the sleeves are too small…I’m going to borrow Holly’s baby at the next opportunity and test them out. If I do have to pull it out I’ll probably cry, but life will go on! lol