Self-Control 0 — Fun ####

So I’ve thrown my self-control out the window (ahem, with regard to knitting projects, that is…). I’ve hit a couple snags in my “obligatory” knitting, so I’m setting it aside. I’m having a great time — I’ve finished the pirate sweater (well, other than the ends weaving, which is almost 1/2 way done), and I started a pair of socks for me!

My lovely friend Michelle bought me some sock yarn to thank me for plying her with (badly taught) knitting lessons & a baby sweater that I’d never managed to force on anyone before (it was my first sweater ever!). So instead of being responsible on Sunday, I spent a relaxing 20 minutes of my ride to my MIL’s house hand winding the first skein of the pretty yarn, then (with a glance at the Knitty page Judy’s Magic Cast On) I cast on for a pair of toe-up socks to use every speck of this fun & soft, squishy yarn! I’m using the stitch pattern from the Harris Tweed Socks but that’s all. I’m knitting them over 64 sts, toe-up with this short-row heel. This is Sunday night’s photo, I’m actually past the heel now (the joys of a size 5 foot). What a nice treat!

Happy Feet yarn

The next bit of fun was finally unveiling Holly’s baby blanket…both her pre and post (playgroup) baby showers were canceled — 1 because of baby arriving, and the other because of sick children. So we gave up and just had an impromptu opening at playgroup last week. She was super excited!

Holly and baby blanket


DSCF1686 DSCF1680

DSCF1666 DSCF1660

DSCF1657 DSCF1654

I posted close-ups of only the squares I knit (so-as not to take credit for everyone else’s wonderful work!), but all the squares are on my Flickr. I crocheted the squares together and did the border (with the exception of the green rounds — the blanket and I needed a break from another, so Rachael did that one). I did the embroidery on the top two squares, while Rachael did the bottom two. Rachael also blocked and attached the backing — which, in my opinion, were the hardest and most vital parts of this blanket! All those slightly different sized squares….

Last, I have a picture I’m posting solely for my sister’s benefit. She was slightly scarred by my children’s disappointment over one of the Christmas presents she made (at my request!)…PJs — she felt like the lame auntie. So when she bought Spencer a hat for his birthday & he was less than excited, she felt bad again. Well…feel bad no more, sis!

Spencer happy with hat!

He asked for the hat to be put on & everything!

And just to torture myself a bit, allow me to post the beautiful drop spindle I found on Etsy last week. Isn’t it gorgeous? Unfortunately, we are now on a complete “spending freeze” here at home (darn car needing well over $1000 in unexpected work…). I’m also going to be forced into self-control & miss out on the Knitpicks 40% off sock knitting books sale. 😦 Poor me (yea…with my piles of books, yarns, etc.’s okay, you can roll your eyes, too!).

PS Lest anyone think I am resenting my baby sweater making…I am not! I am just stressed because I am, of course, knitting to my own made up pattern, and have run into some issues. My biggest problem is that I’m afraid the sleeves are too small…I’m going to borrow Holly’s baby at the next opportunity and test them out. If I do have to pull it out I’ll probably cry, but life will go on! lol


3 thoughts on “Self-Control 0 — Fun ####

  1. Beautiful blanket. Lucky mom and baby!
    Bet your socks are done by now and I can’t wait to see them. Hope you all had a happy, hoppy Easter!

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