Sexy, ain’t it?

biking pants

I had this elaborate plan to combat jeans-in-the-chain that included the sewing machine and homemade velcro panels…then I looked down at the (totally un-cool) “scrunchie” (that I embarrass my younger sisters by still using) and the 30 second fix was borne. Way easier (although it does garner some strange looks at the video store on the way home…

I don’t think it really matters though; people give me strange looks anyway…well, to be truthful, they’re usually more like pity as I huff along! lol


I don’t know what I’m going to do when the boys top out the weight restrictions (if I don’t keel over first…I’m going to have to start checking to see which way the wind is coming from to make sure I don’t have to pedal into it uphill ever…EVER again! lol) It sure is worth it to know that not only do I get exercise, but the boys get to have a good time too!

boys @ playground

ian @ playground

aiden @ playground

spencer @ playground

They had a blast at Ian’s school playground…and I even got to take a picture of the pirate sweater all finished up:

pirate sweater

Many thanks to Rachael for doing the seaming for me!! I wonder if I can get her to weave in all the ends on the flower I just knit for a baby hat…hmmmm 😉 Just kidding!

So, after heading back home we played outdoors some more (I swear I didn’t make him wear the helmet — I can’t get him to take the thing off!), and I started obsessing about the (ugly) house color…

boys w/ chalk

spencer on his trike

Any suggestions on a color to paint the trim so we don’t have to paint the entire house over (which is NOT in the budget right now)?

ugly house colors


4 thoughts on “Sexy, ain’t it?

  1. I’d take the stash outside and hold it up against the house to get an idea of what colors look good. Since it’s beige I’d bet about anything would go and look good — blue, green, red, purple and teal.

    That’s what I did when we were looking at painting the laundry room — I hauled the stash down.

  2. hi! great sweater. the boys look so awesome and healthy!
    rock on for pulling all three dudes around on the bike, you rule!

    people around here generally just roll up the pant leg of whatever leg is chain-side….

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